All Handheld Miniature Portable Desktop Vertical Large-scale Synthesis


Dual Handles Fat Freezing Stand Cavitation Machine

  • Dual handles Fat freezing cellulite removal
  • Lipo laser body shaping
  • Multipolar RF Body skin tightening
  • 40K cavitation body slimming
  • Bipolar RF facial wrinkles removal


40K Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine w/RF Vacuum Weight Loss

  • Vacuum RF for Facial V Shape
  • EMS Electroporation for Facial Anti-aging
  • 40Khz Cavitation RF for Body Slimming
  • Suction&RF for Body Sculputre


Cavitation 25Khz 40Khz Ultrasonic RF Slimming Machine Weight

  • 25Khz Cavitation for Body Weight Loss
  • 40Khz Cavitation for Leg Belly Fat Burner
  • Bipolar RF for Body Face Skin Tightening


Pro Unoisetion Cavitation RF Vacuum Body Slimming Machine

  • Unoisetion cavitation 2.0 fat dissolve
  • RF radio frequency for body slimming
  • Vacuum with RF radio frequency for skin tighteing
  • 1Mhz ultrasound body face massage
  • Hot cold hammer shrink pores
  • Bio microcurrent facial lifting


40K Unoisetion Cavitation RF Body Slimming Beauty Equipment

  • 40K Unoisetion Cavitation for Cellulite Remove
  • 3D Smart Body RF for Fat Dissolving
  • Bipolar 3D SMART RF for Skin Tightening
  • Vacuum&Bipolar RF for Weight Loss
  • Cold&Hot Handle for Shrink Pores
  • Bio/ Microcurrent for Face Skin Lifting


Unoisetion Cavitation RF Radio-frequency Weight Loss Machine

  • 40K Unoisetion cavitation 2.0 for body scultpuring
  • Facial 3d smart RF for puffiness removal
  • Sextupolar 3d smart RF for skin tightening
  • Vacuum 3d smart rf for lymphatic drainage
  • 1MHz ultrasound for skin firming
  • Bio microcurrent for skin elasticity


S Shape Ultra Cavitation RF Radio Frequency Suction EMS Spa

  • Suction RF Handle for Body Cellulite Removal
  • Ultra Cavitation for Body Fat Burning
  • EMS Eletroporation for Face Lifting
  • Suction RF for Facial Tightening Wrinkles


8in1 Unoisetion Cavitation Ultrasound Slimming Salon Machine

  • Unoisetion cavitation 2.0 body weight los
  • 3D radio frequency for skin tightening
  • Vacuum 3D RF body massage
  • Bio Microcurrent facial wrinkle removal
  • 3MHz ultrasound for face massage
  • Cold&Hot hammer for open pores, shrink pores


8 in 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Vacuum BIO Beauty Machine

  • Unoisetion cavitation 40k Cellilute Slimming
  • Octupole Radio Frequency for Body Shaping
  • Quadrupole Radio Frequency for Face Lifting
  • Hot Cold Hammer for Pores Care
  • Bio Microcurrent for Wrinkle Removal
  • 3Mhz Ultrasonic for Face Skin Rejuvenation


Unoisetion Cavitation Smart 3D RF Vacuum Body Shape Machine

  • Unoisetion cavitation 2.0 40k blasting fat
  • Smart 3D RF radio frequency for weight Loss
  • Vacuum smart 3D RF for lymphatic detoxification
  • 3MHz Ultrasoinic body face massage
  • Hot cold hammer skin rejuvenation
  • Bio microcurrent skin lifting


Unoisetion Cavitation RF Vacuum Bio Hot Cold Hammer Slim

  • Unoisetion cavitation 40k for Cellilute Removal
  • 3D SMART RF for Body Sculpting
  • Vacuum with Radio Frequency for Wrinkle Removal
  • 3Mhz Ultrasoinic Body Face Massage
  • Hot Cold Hammer For Pores Care
  • Bio Microcurrent Face Lifting


Cavitation Radio Frequency RF Face vacuum machine for home

  • Unoisetion Cavitation 40K Cellulite Removal
  • Body Vacuum RF Photon Slimming
  • Face Vacuum RF Photon Lifting
  • V-Face Vacuum RF Photon Lifting
  • Flat RF Wrinkle Removal
  • slim shapes face machine for spa


Unoisetion Cavitation Machine RF Vacuum Body Shaping

  • Unoisetion Cavittion Good For Cellulite Removal
  • Vacuum RF Photon For Body Massage
  • Vacuum RF Photon Good For Face Care
  • Vacuum RF Photon For V-Face
  • Flat RF Good For Wrinkle Removal


Vacuum RF Radio Frequency Skin Care Body Slimming Machine

  • L Sextupole Vacuum RF Photon for Body Contour
  • M Sextupole Vacuum RF Photon for Face Tighten
  • S Quadrupole Vacuum RF Photon for Wrinkle Removal
  • Touch Screen Better for Operation
  • Three Colors Can Choose


Radio Frequency Photon Body Face RF Slimmin Massage Machine

  • L Sextupole Vacuum RF Photon For Body Slimming
  • M Sextupole Vacuum RF Photon For Face & Neck Lift
  • Quadrupole Vacuum RF Photon For Face Care


Cavitation RF Cellulite Removal Best Weight Loss Machine

  • Ultrasound Cavitation 40khz Fat Cellilute Removal
  • Sextupole Radio Frequency for Body Anti Cellulite
  • Quadrupole Radio Frequency for V Face
  • Three Pole RF Remove Wrinkles
  • Vacuum Body RF for waist belly fat burning
  • 7 inch touch screen better for operation


Ultrasound Cavitation RF Vacuum Therapy Body Shaper 5 in 1

  • Unoisetion caviation for fat cells removal
  • Sextupole body rf for arm leg slimming
  • Quadrupole facial rf body face tightening
  • 3-polar rf remove eye bag and fine lines
  • Vacuum body rf for lymphatic drainage
  • 7 inch touch screen easy operate


5 in 1 Ultrasound Cavitation RF Vacuum Body Slimming Machine

  • Unoisetion Cavitation 40k Fat Cellilute Slimming
  • Sextupole Radio Frequency for Body Shaping
  • Quadrupole Radio Frequency for Face Tighening
  • Three Pole RF for Eyes Around Wrinkle Removal
  • Vacuum Bipolar RF for Bodybuilding
  • Touch Screen for Better Operation


Vacuum Therapy Slim Machine Vacuum Radio Frequency Device

  • L Sextupole Vacuum RF Photon For Body Massage
  • M Sextupole Vacuum RF Photon For Face Fat Loss
  • S Quadrupole Vacuum RF Photon Apply For V-Face


Yellow New Unoisetion Cavitation Machine skin care device

  • Unoisetion Cavittion Cellulite Removal
  • L/M size Vacuum RF with Photon for body skin care
  • S size Vacuum RF Photon for face skin rejuvenation
  • Flat RF for Wrinkle Removal