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Lose up-to 2-5 Inches from your waistline in only 1 course of treatment! Good for any body type with BMI less than 30, Not only will SSHAPE help with fat reduction, it will also take care of unwanted loose skin!

What is SSHAPE?

Using the unique 30K Ultrasound Cavitation & RF radio frequency technology, the SSHAPE is the first non-invasive, no pain, no contact, no downtime device with synergy effect used to eliminate unwanted fat of the abdomen, flanks, upper back, arms, thighs. There is a mild, gentle warming sensation during treatment similar to that of a heating pad.

How SSHAPE works?

  • Ultrasound Cavitation+RF Radio Frequency Body Slimming
  • Combining ultra sound and radio frequency (RF) is a logical approach to achieve skin tightening and fat reduction, the skin texture will be changed after fat cells are dissolved by 30KHz ultrasound wave, so Radio frequency(RF) can promote the collagen cells rebirth to help the skin texture recovery elasticity.
  • Body handpiece--RF & Suction
    Vacuum suction do stimulation of the under-lying structures and aim at improving blood flow and lymph circulation.
  • Collagen fiber derma gets heat trough RF energy which makes collagen get instant contract, so skin on body or stretch marks tighten; then the heat from derma makes the rebirth of collagen and the new collagen arrange neatly and health, meanwhile the old one get fixed, At the end, we get the result we want on wrinkles,stretch marks and body.

What kind of a result can I expect?

How long does each treatment take?

Treatment Program

  • 1st Course of Treatment Recommended
  • Ultrasound+RF+Suction: 8 sessions
  • Product need: Ultrasound Gel
  • 2nd Course of Treatment Recommended
  • Ultrasound+RF+Suction: 4 sessions
  • Product need: Ultrasound Gel
  • 3rd Course of Treatment Recommended
  • Ultrasound+RF+Suction: 2sessions
  • Product need: Ultrasound Gel

Treatment areas

Abdomen, flanks, upper back, arms, thighs.

Before & After


  • Is there any downtime after treatment?
  • There is absolutely no downtime and minimal, if any, discomfort after the treatment. We recommend light walking immediately after the treatment to enhance lymphatic drainage.
  • What kind of other product need?
  • Ultrasound gel should be applied with this treatment.
  • Who is SSHAPE recommend for?
  • If you're seeking circumferential reduction or fat loss treatment of larger areas of the body, you will love SSHAPE
  • What I need to do before weight loss?
  • Drink a 500ml water within 1 hour prior treatment .
  • If it burn my skin?
  • Absolutely won't.
  • What is weight loss aftercare
  • To maintain the result, keep fit and do exercise is required.

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