Weight Loss

1006841 | MS-23T1

CaVstorm 40K Ultrasonic Cavitation 3.0 Slimming Body Machine


USD 1,510.20

  • Melt Fat Cells And Dispose Of Excess Fat Cells
  • Relief Stretch Marks, Cellulite
  • Relief Pain And Inflammation, Help Fat Loss
  • Cavitation+vacuum, Vacuum+rf,Double Function Handl
  • Body Detox,Painless, Skin Rejuvenation .
  • Suction&RF Skin Face Lifting and Tighten

1005341 | MS-45T2

Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 RF Radio Frequency Suction EMS Spa


USD 500.10

  • Suction RF Handle for Body Cellulite Removal
  • Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 for Body Fat Burning
  • EMS Eletroporation for Face Lifting
  • Suction RF for Facial Tightening Wrinkles

1002600 | YH-6551

Bio Skin Lifting Antiageing Cavitation Body Slimming Machine


USD 649.00

  • Body Slimming
  • Skin Tightening
  • Anti-Aging
  • Face Lifting

1004844 | MS-5481

5 IN 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Vacuum RF Body Slimming Machine


USD 264.53

1004845 | MS-4481

Ultrasonic Cavitation Liposuction RF Vacuum Slimming Machine


USD 265.42

  • Multipolar RF Head Body Massage
  • 40KHz Cavitation Head Body Slimming
  • Vacuum Biploar Head For Lymphatic Drainage
  • Three Pole RF Head For Face And Eyes Around Lift

1005455 | MS-3393

Cavitation 25Khz 40Khz Ultrasonic RF Slimming Machine Weight


USD 506.67

  • Face Lifting
  • Skin Tightening
  • Weight Loss
  • Cellulite Removal

1004238 | WL-KYDB020

Weight Loss Detox Heating Spa Machine Sauna Blanket


USD 229.08

  • Body slimming and weight loss
  • Improve and slow down organ aging
  • Speeds up metabolism,improve life qualtiy and work

1001938 | WL-515S

40K Cavitation Ultrasonic 2.0 Skin Lifting


USD 191.67

  • 40k head use for body slimming
  • Rf head use for tighten skin
  • Rf head use for skin tightening

1005474 | MS-JS2000B

Digital Frequency Conversion EMS Electric Muscle Stimulation


USD 110.90

  • Promotes Blood Circulation
  • EMS Muscle Stimulator for Waist Thigh Slimming
  • Electronic Pads for Breast Massage
  • Relieves Various of Body Pain
  • Helps Losing Weight, Lifting and Firming Skin

1002508 | YH-9801S

8 IN 1 Unoisetion Cavitation 40K Vacuum RF Dermabrasion Bio


USD 1,551.67

  • Unoisetion Cavitation Fat Burning Weight Loss
  • Promote Blood Circulation Cellulite Removal
  • Face Eye Skin Firming Rejuvenation Toning
  • Dermabrasion Peeling Cleaning Spray Skin Care
  • Bio Microcurrent Skin Lifting Anti-Aging
  • Lipo Laser Weight Loss Fat Removal

1000623 | WL-JMLB1218

Pro Air Pressure Slimming Suit Pressotherapy Body Simming


USD 260.83

  • Improve the shoulder, cervical and lumbar spine.
  • Enhanced cell potential film and slow organ aging.
  • Improving sluggish lymphatic drainage.
  • Maintaining normal return circulation.
  • Fat removal, body slimming.

1001986 | YH-5302S

Unoisetion Cavitation 3D Smart RF Vacuum Fat Removal Machine


USD 408.91

1004286 | WL-7008C

Newest Version Cooling Vacuum Fat Cellulite Removal Body


USD 816.68

  • Double probe can use in the same time
  • Cold freeze fat reduce
  • fat removal body shape
  • reduce belly

1004769 | MS-22R2

Multipolar RF Radio Frequency Facial Wrinkle Remove Machine


USD 87.88

  • Three polar RF For face Rejuvenation
  • Quadrupole RF For Body Tightening
  • Promote Cellulite Removal

1004613 | MS-7005CX

Cryolipolysis Fat Cavitation 40K Radio Frequency Lipo Laser


USD 1,080.00

  • Cryolipolsis fat loss
  • Lipo laser slimming
  • Cavitation weight loss
  • Radio frequency skin tightening

1003877 | MS-5406

5 IN 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Vacuum Slimming Machine


USD 203.33

  • Ultrasonic Cavitation Belly Fat Furning Reduction
  • Body Slimming Cellulite Removal Skin Tightening
  • Promote Blood Circulation, Improve Metalbolism
  • RF Face Firming Lifting Skin Rejuvenation
  • Remove Wrinkle Fine Lines Anti-Aging

1005115 | MS-1393

Vacuum RF Radio Frequency Skin Care Body Slimming Machine


USD 291.67

  • L Sextupole Vacuum RF Photon for Body Contour
  • M Sextupole Vacuum RF Photon for Face Tighten
  • S Quadrupole Vacuum RF Photon for Wrinkle Removal
  • Touch Screen Better for Operation
  • Three Colors Can Choose

1005095 | MS-1391

Vacuum Therapy Slim Machine Vacuum Radio Frequency Device


USD 271.67

  • L Sextupole Vacuum RF Photon For Body Massage
  • M Sextupole Vacuum RF Photon For Face Fat Loss
  • S Quadrupole Vacuum RF Photon Apply For V-Face

1006921 | MS-23T1S

CaVstorm Ultrasonic Cavitation 3.0 Slim Microcurrent RF LED


USD 2,300.00

  • Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe for Fat Concentrated Bl
  • Storm Vacuum & RF Probe for Body Detox, Skin Tigh
  • Storm Bio & Photon for Clear Meridian, Helping Fat
  • Storm Bio & Photon for Smooth, Calm Down Skin
  • Cavitation 3.0 Melt Fat Cells And Dispose

1005602 | MS-76D1MAX

8 in 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Unoisetion Bio Machine Home Use


USD 330.90

  • 40K Cavitation For Cellulite Dissipation
  • Sextupolar RF For Body Slimming and Massage
  • 3 Polar RF For Face and Small Area Skin Lift
  • Cold Hot Hammer For Open And Close The Skin Pore
  • Vacuum&Bipolar RF For Body Massage and Slimming
  • Microcurrent+Photon For Skin Care Rejuvenation

1004230 | MS-54D3

myChway Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Vacuum Weight Loss Machine


USD 195.83

  • Body Shape, Cellulite Treatment
  • Belly Kangoroo Patch Remove
  • Reduce the Love Handle Belly Fat
  • Tighten Skin On The Underarms and Legs

1006930 | SD-23S5

CaVstorm 40K Caviation 3.0 Vacuum RF Slimming Machine


USD 1,280.00

  • Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe for Fat Concentrated Bl
  • Storm Photon & Microcurrent for Clear Meridian, He
  • Storm Photon & Microcurrent Solves All Kinds Of Sk
  • Storm RF Probe for Skin Tightenng
  • Storm Photon & Microcurrent For Smooth, Calm Down

1003881 | WL-KYDS871

EMS Body Slimming Machine Bio Pulse Pads Electronic Massager


USD 104.83

  • Reduce cellulite
  • Removing Body Fatigue and Stress
  • Llift and Firm Slack Muscle, Shape Body Line
  • Relieving Arthritis, Arthralgia, Rheumatism
  • Prevent Breast Cancer and Relative Diseases

1004287 | WL-9391

Ultrasonic Cavitation Vacuum RF Body Weight loss machine


USD 206.67

  • 40KHz Cavitation Head for Body Slimming
  • Multipolar RF Head(Sextupole RF) for Body Massage
  • Vacuum Biploar Head for Lymphatic Drainage
  • Quadrupole RF for Face Lifting
  • Three polar RF Head for Eyes Around

1002146 | YH-5504S

6 in 1 Unoisetion RF Cavitation Vacuum 160mw Weight Loss


USD 611.67

  • Fat Loss Body Slimming
  • Skin Rejuvenation &Tightening
  • Cellulite Reduction Body Sculpting
  • Face Lifting, Skin Smoothing
  • Winkle Removal Anti-Aing

1006650 | MS-22S9

Cavitation RF Vacuum BIO Cold&Hot Hammer Body Slimming


USD 416.01

  • Face Lifting
  • Body Slimming Cellulite Reduction
  • Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation
  • Pore Removal

1003883 | WL-KYDS872

EMS Electronic Body Massager Bio Pulse Slimming Muscle Relax


USD 150.83

  • Bio Electric Muscle Stimulation
  • EMS Microcurrent Cellulite Removal
  • Removing Internal Toxining of Body
  • Relieving Arthritis, Arthralgia, Rheumatism

1004364 | MS-7003F

Professional fat freeze cryolipolysis cavitation rf machine


USD 1,553.33

  • Uniosetion cavitation for fat removal
  • Fat freeze vacuum for body slimming
  • Octupole RF for body and big area slimming
  • Bipolar RF for face and eye around skin tighten
  • 10 inch touch screen

1002173 | WL-919M2

5 In 1 Cavitation Slimming Vacuum RF Weight Loss Machine


USD 261.67

  • Cavitation Body Slimming Shaping Sculpture
  • RF Body Skin Tightening Cellulite Removal
  • Promote Blood Circulation And Body Metabolism
  • Face Skin Firming Fine Lines Wrinkle Removal
  • Dark Circle Fading, Skin Lifting Anti-Aging

1005615 | MS-76F2

Stand-Up Cavitation 40K Vacuum RF BIO Microcurrent Machine


USD 798.00

  • Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat Removal Slimming
  • Promote Body Blood Circulation And Metabolism
  • Skin Tightening For Loose Skin, Cellulite Removal
  • Face Eye Firming Anti-Wrinkle Fine Lines Reduction
  • Bio Microcurrent Face Lifting Anti-Aging
  • Cold Hammer Shrink Pore Calm Down the Skin

1004712 | WL-JMLB1217

Far Infrared Pressotherapy Weight Loss Machine


USD 335.00

  • 5 parts separately use
  • Improve the shoulder, cervical and lumbar spine
  • Enhanced cell potential film
  • Eliminate constipation
  • Breast massage
  • Far infrared heat slimming

1001985 | YH-5302

5 IN 1 Cavitation Vacuum 3D RF Weight Loss Cellulite Machine


USD 233.07

  • Unoisetion Cavitaiton 2.0 For Body Slimming
  • Sextupole 3D RF For Body Shapping
  • FaBody Sculpting ce And Small Area Skin Tightening
  • Eyes Around Wrinkles Removal
  • Body Sculpting And Cellulite Remove

1002275 | WL-7006C

40K Unoistion Cavitation Fat Freezing Lipo Laser RF Machine


USD 1,528.33

  • Fat Freezing Unwanted Stubborn Fat Removal
  • Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 for Melting Fat
  • Octupole Smart 3D RF Body Shaping
  • Bipolar Smart 3D RF for Skin Tightening
  • Lipo Laser Body Slimming Treatment

1002788 | YH-43J1

4 In 1 Vacuum Cavitation Ultrasonic RF Body Fat Slimming


USD 378.03

  • Ultrasonic Cavitation Body Slimming Fat Removal
  • Vacuum Body Massage Improving Blood Circulation
  • RF Body Skin Tightening Cellulite Treatment
  • Face Eye Skin Firming Lifting Rejuvenation

1002271 | YH-5414

Radio Frequency Vacuum Tightening Machine Ultra Cavitation


USD 586.67

  • Body Slimming Cellulite Reduction
  • Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation
  • Face Lifting
  • Wrinkle Removal And Anti-Aging
  • Body Relaxing

1006589 | MS-33J1

Russian Waves Electric Muscle Stimulator Machine


USD 144.80

  • Cellulite Removal And Body Sculpture
  • Removing Body Fatigue and Stress
  • Llift and Firm Slack Muscle, Shape Body Line
  • Soft Tissues,Nerve Injury
  • Rheumatic arthritis

1001921 | WL-LS1002

5mw Lipo Laser Slimming Fat Loss Lipolaser Beauty Machine


USD 250.00

  • 5mw Diode Lipo Laser for Body Shapping
  • 6 Big Pads for Belly, Stomach, Thigh Fat Loss
  • 4 Small Pads for Arm, Leg Slimming Massage

1002191 | WL-7005C

Multifunction Cooling Cavitaiton Radio Frequency Sculpting


USD 1,076.67

  • Cooling Vacuum Massage To Reduce Body Fat
  • Radio Frequency Is For face and body Tightening
  • RF Therapy Is For face and body Lifting
  • Photon Therapy Works For Skin Smooth And Whitening

1002156 | YH-5504SB

6 IN 1 Unoisetion Cavitation Vacuum RF Slim Beauty Machine


USD 439.17

  • Unoisetion Cavitation Body Fat Burning Weight Loss
  • Body RF Skin Tightening Cellulite Removal
  • Improve Blood Circulation Lymph Detox
  • Lipo Laser Localized Fat Loss Body Slimming
  • Face Eye Anti-Wrinkle Fine Lines Reduction
  • Skin Firming Lifting Anti-Aging Eye Bag Reduction

1003950 | MY-16101B

LED Laser Weight Loss Fat Burning Beauty Care Machine


USD 436.67

  • lipolaser weight lose
  • lipo laser body slimming
  • lipolaser body shaping