RF Radio Frequency 7Colour Cold Light Irradiation Therapy Beauty Machine New

RF Radio Frequency 7 Colour Cold Light Irradiation Therapy Intelligence Factor Beauty Machine New

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  • RF,radio Frequency,O4 oxgen led photonCold therapySkin Testing
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adopt super micro ion penetration technology, collection of hd deep skin detection system, combined with RF radio frequency waves lift technology, and cold light irradiation therapy and frozen prosthesis, thoroughly improve the face of various skin problems, in order to achieve all-round tender skin, firming effect.
1. high skin definition system, adopts the most advanced on the market at present, high-definition camera, can effectively detect the skin epidermis and deep problems, such as spots, inflammation, etc.
2, intelligence factor micro infiltration technology import essence, essence ingredients can be effectively decomposed into more subtle ion, and through the body's biological micro electric current to activate cells, and the essence, the combination of nutrients to give the newborn cells compensatory and enough nutrition, accelerated aging cell metabolism, make the skin restore vitality young state.
3, the RF radio frequency waves lift firming, through RF radio frequency of 1 million times a second energy polarity reversal, the RF heat can instantly penetrate the skin surface to skin collagen layer, to thermal contraction of the collagen layers of the skin, and restructuring and arrangement, make the skin tone effect.
4, 7 colour cold light irradiation therapy, the use of different colors, cold light, with different efficacy in different skin problems, adopt the illuminate of targeted therapy.
5, frozen repair therapy, to import the essence, the RF skin tightening, and phototherapy after repair of the skin, lock water, calm, anti-allergic and finalize the design, make the skin at good condition.


Almight anti-aging o4skin Rejuvenation machine.Set o2 oxygen therapy,o3 sterilzation ice seulpture as one machine,treat skin from the shallower to the deeper .Doing a comprehensive skin rejuvenation .Make your skin in a health status.
1, restructuring to improve facial skin
(1) oil, pore bulky, cutin thick Purify skin, remove excess thick cutin, pore cleansing, decomposition of fat, smooth and tighten pores, bright and clean Smooth skin.
(2). Color of skin dark heavy, fatigue, pale skin edema, active oxygen, accelerate the oxygen absorption, improve circulation dark dumb.
(3). Mature, relaxation, lack of water, wrinkles, dry Ascension firming, tighten loose skin, deep added moisture. On the skin, reforming themselves cells, restore skin young state.
2, eye care
(1). To eliminate black rim of the eye, pouch, eye lines, reduce oedema
(2). Subside edema frivolous, improvement of blood vessels, lymph circulation.

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  • RF Radio Frequency 7Colour Cold Light Irradiation Therapy Beauty Machine New
  • RF,radio Frequency,O4 oxgen led photonCold therapySkin Testing