SHR IPL Permanent Fast Hair Removal Beauty Machine 2000W Power 5-50J

Home Salon Use Professional Intelligent Transdermal Electrolysis IPL Fast Hair Removal Machine

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  • Model:SR-EX710
  • SHR IPL hair mremoval


Freezing painless, complete hair removal, colorful touch screen, integrated photon and IPL in one, free to choose functions, intelligent interface, easy to understand

SHR(OTP) professional hair removal beauty instrument technology: optical energy+epidermal cooling. Optical energy plays a guiding role in IPL technology, optical energy concentrated effect in the target tissue, it helps strengthen the target tissue absorb optical energy under the condition of low intensity. At the same time, the contact surface cooling technology on the operation head can eliminate the thermal effect caused by optical energy over-strong, and increase the skin impedance, reduce skin to absorb optical energy, improve the operation efficacy and safety, and it's also effective for the light color target tissue.


A. Import gem crystal guiding light system, the cooling performance is better, more comfortable, and more durable.
B. Israeli semiconductor cooling system gives epidermis skin minus 8 degrees cooling
C. Use American eight times atmospheric pressure light source.
D. Intelligent operation panel and user interface, intelligent software, easy to operate;
E. With OPT technology, the pulsed optical equipment not only can adjust the pulse width and pulse number, but also the pulse interval is adjustable, the most important thing is that each pulse peak value energy is consistent, the clinical effect is more outstanding, safety has improved significantly and obviously relieve postoperative pain.

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  • SHR IPL Permanent Fast Hair Removal Beauty Machine 2000W Power 5-50J
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