Professional E-light Equipment IPL+Bipolar RF Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation

Professional E-light Equipment IPL+Bipolar RF Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Machine HR-LC8003

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  • E-light,Ipl+bipolar RFHair RemovalSkin Rejuvenation
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Adopt IPL and bipolar RF technology, E-light works on our dermis and connective tissue and stimulates rearrangement and growth of collagen in different depth to achieve the ideal caring effect. Based on the skin's selective absorbtion capacity of light, E-light makes different lesion tissues in our epidermis and dermis layer produce light pyrolysis effect. And optical energy of our E-light is much lower than traditional IPL light, so it can let vascular and pigment diseased tissue in dermis layer absorb more energy to remove these diseased tissue without any damage to our epidermis layer, thus to cure different skin problems.
The frequency of RF biopolar radio frequency can make the molecule in cells under specifical deepth of our skin to do high speed vibration and fierce friction to make temperature of our deep skin tissue reach to 45-65°C, so the collagen fibres constract quickly which make the flabby skin and wrinkles be firmed, at the same time, the heat effect in dermis layer produce proliferation of collagen cells to rejuvenate our skin.


Skin Rejuvenation: Improve the skin rough degree of forehead, face, arms, belly and legs etc. Increase skin elasticity, writening and tendering.
Skin Firming: Firming the pouch, and cure the black circle, firming the skin.
Hair Removal: Removing the hair of armpit, arms and legs
Spot Removal: Remove freckle, chloasma. sunburn, age pigment, melasma,recessive spot and chromatosis.
Wrinkle Removal:Remove the wrinkle on the face and neck etc.
Acne Removal: Cure the bacterial infectious blain.
Telangiectasia Removal: Remove congenital red blood silk, red face, and so on.

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  • Professional E-light Equipment IPL+Bipolar RF Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation
  • E-light,Ipl+bipolar RFHair RemovalSkin Rejuvenation