5 In 1 Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Face Cleaning Machine Eye Massage Acne Remover

5 In 1 Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Face Cleaning Machine Eye Massage Acne Remover Body Shaping

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  • Model:SR-096
  • Clean the skin
  • Massage face and eyes
  • Body shaping
  • Lead the nutrition
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In the skin care product, most active ingredients are organic molecules. If the skin is not cleaned completely, it is difficult to absorb the skin care products and the nutrients cannot be taken into the skin, so no good effects can be obtained. It is important for face cleaning that "starting from an end in washing your face. It is critical to wash your face, but the dirt or sebum in the pores cannot be removed When the pores are blocked by dirt, the skin will lose its transparency and turn black. The spade beauty apparatus adopts the ultrasound and EMS micro-current technology to realize the violent vibration (2.8 million times per second) to penetrate into the skin molecules as deepas3-7em, so that the temperature rises with strong cellular metabolism, accelerated microcirculation and promotion of the metabolite reflux The cell membrane permeability is increased through the ion current conversion, the semipermeable membrane produces microflow and the fatty acids are transformed into cO2, and HO2 in small volumes Combined with some targeted products, the cosmetic effect will be very significant.


1.Cleaning mode
The fat is moved and microcirculation is improved through the ultrasonic high-frequency vibration and EMS current technology, and fat cells are burned and transformed into metabolites, achieving the cleaning effect. The special spade probe can effectively enter the skin for 4-7 cm, and make the beauty fluid thinner and atomized through the vibration of sound,and this dirt and sebum, the cosmetics residue and dirt can be emulsified, and eventually eliminated with the splash of water, removing the waste, cuticle, fat granules, acne and so on. Nutrients in skin care products will not be lost any longer. It is a helper for skin cleaning. so that you can get brighter and breathable skin.

2.Import mode
Ultrasonic wave and high-frequency vibration, combined with EMS current, can repair skin elasticity, eliminate wrinkles, shrink pores and improve acne, blackheads, oils and other skin problems so that the skin can further absorb the nutrition from skin care products.

3.Compact mode
EMS non-needle electroporation technology has stronger penetration ability than other micro-current technique, and skin will feel light and comfortable current, stimulating subcutaneous tissues, activating cells and stimulating collagen, and creating new collagen. Combined with the ultrasonic wave and motor, skin can be more compact, more flexible and restore a young state. The nutrients can enter into the deep cells to alleviate wrinkles.

4.Body shaping mode
The unique EMS current and ultrasonic wave can make the muscles move up, burn fat cells and transform them into metabolites

EMS micro-current can stimulate skin contraction and tension, expand muscle fiber tension, balance the bioelectric field in the human body, and improve the skin and self-healing ability.6 Eye massage: High-frequency vibration can improve eye skin, eliminate wrinkles and dark circles and under-eye puffiness.

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  • 5 In 1 Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Face Cleaning Machine Eye Massage Acne Remover
  • Clean the skin
  • Massage face and eyes
  • Body shaping
  • Lead the nutrition