Portable Needles Cryo Facial RF Photon Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Machine

Portable Needles Cryo Facial RF Photon Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Machine

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No-needle mesotherapy is fully replaced traditional beauty of injection molded plastic (beauty) and micro stitch of efficiency, safety, and the introduction of "beauty therapy". Using the latest water channel protein electrophoresis and new technology to various active ingredients of import, supplemented by lambency and frozen stimulation, using "to" superfine osmosis technology, more even and comprehensively and deeply, the original liquid transportation high-energy directly to the skin and make for contains a variety of nutrition and active ingredients of high-energy primary fluid, quickly absorbed by skin tissue, play a role, which produce effect, promote skin metabolism
Mesoporation is a new product shaped by innovative technology. By applying electroporation and electroosmosis theories and adopting micro-infiltration technology, it transmits into cell membrane medicines or natural active ingredients with certain amount at certain skin layer. These ingredients take effect under the skin and cure various skin problems. No injectors are to be used in this process. This high-tech is also known as No-Needle Mesotherapy.
A skin care method that takes effect on tissues belonging to mesoblast. No-Needle Mesotherapy is a beauty therapy that uses no-needle mesotherapy device (also known as mesoporation device, or mesoporation infiltration device), applies electroporation and electroosmosis technologies, and transmits active ingredients or nutrients into the skin without any pain.

*Comparison between No-Needle Mesotherapy and Other Therapies

No-Needle Mesotherapy can replace needle mesotherapy. Assisted by water electrophoresis infiltration technology, it transmits active ingredients or nutrients into skin tissues without pain, or side effect. The substances after being absorbed by skin tissues will take significant function in treatment. Compared with ordinary beauty products, No-Needle Mesotherapy remarkably increases the absorbing, and fundamentally solves the involucra shielding or absorbing problems that all beauty products may face. This achievement accomplishes skin youth in a short period, and has already become a bright spot in 2008-2010 beauty fashion.


We are creatures of the light. Our cells are photoreceptive and respond in different ways toward various light colors LED (Light Emitting Diode) also known as low level laser when applied correctly can bring forward many beneficial effects within the skin. LED gives the Dermis necessary light energy to stimulate the cells collagen production, healing response, blood circulation & lymphatic. Each light color used in the Q series system effects the skin & underlying tissues in different beneficial ways.

---Red:Aging, Loose, Lead In Nuture, Burn Fat

---Green:Capillary vessel dilation, Splash, Detumescence, Diminish inflammation, Eye lifting, Dark eye rim, Pouch, Face, Light speckle, Breast lifting

---Blue:Acne, Susceptivity skin, Diminish inflammation and pox.

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