Infrared Pressotherapy Detox Slimming Machine For Sale

Professional pressotherapy lymphatic drainage machine wholesale

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  • Model:WL-WD8001
  • Infrared Pressotherapy
  • Massage
  • Lymphatic Detox


1. This red infrared ray hot & lymphatic detox pressotherapy massage product serves as a fast-breaking, melting and burning, lymph drainage and magnetism operation
for skin lifting by using various advanced technological methods, all complying with the inner nature of the human body and simultaneously producing the beneficial effects of health care.
2. This 2-in-1 body-shaping instrument creates a perfect union in a scientific and complementary combination of the following functions: massaging, exercising, body-slimming and figure-shaping.
3. By analyzing the different movements of human muscles, different movement patterns have been constructed.
4. These patterns can be conducted via it by stimulating the human body nerve with the low-frequency micro electric current, which causes the user’s muscular tissue to react to correspondingly aerobic exercise, in turn strengthening muscles, and consuming and disintegrating unnecessary fat.
5. Detoxification is attained through lymph drainage by activating lymph-intense movements.
6. Specialty design of infrared ray hot operation
and lymphatic detox pressotherapy, work for arms, thighs, waist precisely slimming


1.Promote blood circulation
2.Body shaping, against cellulite, fatty deposits, and fluid retention
3. Lymph detoxing, improve lymphatic drainage, lymph massaging drainage
4. Fat dissolution, reduce Orange Line
5.Lose weight and dispel toxin
6.The physical operation
to care muscle and nerve disease
7.Accelerate metabolism, activate blood circulation
8. Ease the liver strain and unknown pain
9. Reduce pressure, relax body and mind, relaxation for the whole body and cellulitis reducing.
10.Reduce edema or swelling


Professional for Lymphatic Detox.

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  • Infrared Pressotherapy Detox Slimming Machine For Sale
  • Infrared Pressotherapy
  • Massage
  • Lymphatic Detox