1MHz Ultrasonic Body Treatment Ionic Or Sonic Beauty Machine Skin Rejuvenation

1MHz Ultrasonic Body Treatment Ionic Or Sonic Beauty Machine Skin Rejuvenation

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Ultrasonic wave with positive/negative ionic. Beautiful design, simple operation and convenient application. By adopting ultrasonic wave, its tremor reaches 3 million per second, which rapidly increase skin penetrability to make nutrient solution and essence puickly penetrste to the basal layer, and enhance the metabolism and regeneration capacity of cells. Cooperation with positive and negative ionic care, it can clean skin, and put nutrient into deep skin, make the skin moisturizing, flexible and shining.


I-Onic Treatment:
1) Remove waste, using ion tophresis to remove tough waste between pore and skin.
2) Utilize electric reaction to implement nutrient into deep area of skin naturally, in order to maintain smooth moisturized skin condition.
3) Positive ION care. Positive ion can clean the skin, soften the dirt adhering in the deep part of pores, and make the pores comfortable quickly.
4) Negative ION care. Negative ion can replenish nutrition. The effective negative ion can make the nutrition penetrate into the dermis layer and subcutaneous tissue, so as to realize the effect of whitening and renovation.
Sonic Treatment:
Gently massage skin with shaking of high frequency that happens 1 million times every second and go deeply into skin, thus
promote blood circulation of capillary, expedite metabolism, activate skin cells, help skin absorb nutriment.
1) With the micro-massage, eliminate aged cells, expulse toxin, reduce wrinkle, pair with various skin beauty products or medicine to treat and improve various problem skin.
2) The safe ultrasonic shaking can produce resonating shaking to consume fat, improve cellular absorbency to water, enhance skin hydration, and leave skin young and elastic.

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