40K Cavitation RF Vacuum Tripolar Mulipolar RF Beauty

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40K Strong sound waves explosion head effectively promote theorganization fat metabolism, repel orange peel fat, firming skin,enhancing skin elasticity, etc. And the effect is long lasting. The 40 K sound waves can make a implosion of liquid as the expansion andcompression of the wave make the inside of the liquid formed in manysmall space and what inside this kind of space are gas and steam. Duringthe compression cycle, the 40K sound waves have positive pressureeffect on the liquid molecules, while during the expansion cycle the 40K sound waves have positive pressure effect on the liquid molecules.
There are cohesion inside of liquid or and biological organization. Inside of the low density fat cells, the cohesiveness of the molecular is weaker.
The low negative pressure which is produce by 40 K sound waves will produce organization gap which is called "cavitation phenomenon" in physics. The implosion of inside and outside of the cells will enhanced the molecular motion and achieve a high energy level, and eventually led to the bursting of the fat cells.


[Skin rejuvenation principle]The circulation medical radio frequency system in 1 seconds will change the electric polarity in electric field millions times of the biological tissue of the therapeutic part , particles of the organization will do Brownian motion(molecular no rules movement) as the same frequency which will make the organization produce columnar distribution of heat, damage collagen hydrogen bonding structure and change the collagen molecules of the three spiral structure, and lead to the immediate collagen sex contraction and as a result of the treatment effect of firming skin; According to ajusting the energy output, the circulation system makes skin tissues have mild, moderate and severe heat aggression three stages which is similar as the three stages in wound healing (inflammation stage, growth stage, remodeling stage), improve leather remodeling shape, so as to reconstruct the skin and dispel light, medium, heavy wrinkles uteruses Calvin lines and the r skin flabby after losing weight. The effect is long lasting.
[De-fatting body slimming principle]The medical circulation rf system will produce columnar distributed hea in the subcutaneous tissue and fully make triglycerides release from the fat cells. Under the action of lipase the triglyceride will cracking into fatty acids and glycerin, then eliminated from the body along with the metabolism. Because of the intelligent system, the medical circulation rf instrument can orientate the fat cells, and release triglycerides quantificationally, thus achieved the localization, the effect of reducing weight rationally and quantificationally.

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