6 In 1 New Ultrasonic Cavitation Tripolar Bipolar RF Photon Slimming Machine

6 In 1 New Ultrasonic Cavitation Tripolar Bipolar RF Photon Slimming Machine

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  • Model:iShapeIII
  • 40K Cavitation,Ultrasonic,Multi-polar RF,Photon 6in1 Slimming Machine
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9 INCH Multifunction Machine with Total 6 Handpieces = 1 x 40KHZ Cavitation Probe+1x M80 1MHZ Ultrasonic Probe + 1 x 1MHZ Ultrasonic Probe +1x Tripolar RF Probe + 1 xBipolar RF Head + 1 x Color Photon Probe
Ultra Powerful 50w/cm2 intensity can see result from 1st treatment,Cavitation. This equipment is completely different from general ultrasonic machines,Big 7INCH LCD touch screen,Non-anesthetic,Suitable for all kinds of skin,Easy operation, easy study. THE BEST CHOICE FOR HOMEUSE AND SPA SALON with Lower Price


There are so many cavitation beauty machines for weight loss in recently marketing,why you choose this Ultimate version?

Safe:No side effects, good effects, no rebounding phenomenon,Woundless, will not influence the normal working and living,Comfortable, painless, woundless during the treatment,No ruggedness.No bleeding and bruise,Non-anesthetic

Reliable: Adopt the top ultrasonic technique in the world. Apply exactly to targeted tissue varying from area to area to achieve high treatment efficiency,Low energy output to ensure a comfortable and painless treatment course

Simple operation: Updated control software with user-friendly operation interface,Easy operation to ensure learn and use,Dispense with treatment preparing periond and no convalescence for its safety and wideapplication range

Long effect: One course treatment will make you feel different, visible effect will be shown after 1-2 course of treatment,it is incredible and last for 3-5 years.

Extensive treatment: It could be applied to anyone's sagging skin and aging skin,Suitable for all kinds of skin.

Short time:Shorter period of treatment and less operation steps

Low investment, High profit: One machine combine Total 6 functions = 1 x 40KHZ Cavitation Probe for deeply weight loss+1 x M80 1MHZ Ultrasonic Probe for body middle fat reduction+ 1 x 1MHZ Ultrasonic Probe for face,arm +1 x Tripolar RF Probe for body,face + 1 x Bipolar RF Head for face + 1 x Color Photon Probe for body and face


  • Cavitation Ultrasound 1.0 Handle
  • Model: PT-BZ03
  • Cavitation Ultrasound 1.0 Handle
  • Cavitation Ultrasound 1.0 Handle applies 40KHz waves to make fat cells be exploded and consume calories and moisture, reduce the amount and size of fat cells, thus removing fat and slimming body. It use on buttock, belly and thighs.
  • Big 3-Polar RF Handpiece
  • Model: PT-SP033
  • Big 3-Polar RF Handpiece
  • Big 3-Polar RF Handpiece makes the fatty cells quickly active and produce heat, exhaust the redundant fatness and toxins through metabolism, thus cellulite dissolving and lymph drainage. It use on arms, legs and thighs.

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  • 6 In 1 New Ultrasonic Cavitation Tripolar Bipolar RF Photon Slimming Machine
  • 40K Cavitation,Ultrasonic,Multi-polar RF,Photon 6in1 Slimming Machine