RF Skin Rejuvenation Radio Frequency Skin Tighten Skin Llifting Cavitation

RF Skin Rejuvenation Radio Frequency System Skin Tighten & Skin Llifting Cavitation Slimming Machine

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The albumin layer which heats up to 68-72 celsius degree has the nature contractibility. When the RF (radio frequency) electric wave acts on the body, the cation and anion of irregular distribution inside the epicyte tend towards to each anode or cathode. When the polarities of RF electric wave change, the cation and anion tend towards to each anode or cathode. The heat of friction is produced in the cell through the shift. When a temperature of the partial organization's is over 68 celsius degree, the expansion of artery and capillary vessel can improve the blood circulation and enhance the metabolism.
The provision of oxygen and nutrition can eliminate the biological wastes; the provisions of antibodies and immunity ingredients can increase in immunity system.
The lipocyte can be lipolytic by raising temperature, and this function can help to control fat and shape the body.
If the temperature of collagen organization's achieves 68 to 72,the function of inoblast will raise 20 to 40 times or even more. This function can strengthen the elasticity of the skin and remove wrinkles.
The function of inoblast of the friction which were produced by the biology will decrease the ache by muscle convulsion .
When the collagen of dermis heats, some ageing cells die naturally and the cytothesis of the human body own restoration splits by 40 times as before within two to six months through speeding up the blood circulation, then person looks younger.


SKRF-100 is using Radio Frequency to solve various problems of Cellular Senescence. Radio Frequency of SKRF-100 can deeply go through inside dermis of skin; effectively transmit heat into cellule and activate the core of cellule and promote circulation of blood and metabolism in order to speedily increase absorbency of skin with nutrient. Radio Frequency can bring the heat into human organs, so it also precipitates circulation of lymph
and microcirculation that drain toxic and waste from the bodies; besides it can help to shape body, it also enhance function of body immune system.

1. Remove wrinkles
2. Frap and tighten skins of a body and a face
3. Dissolve the fat to lose weight
4. Keep health skin
5. whiten skins and pale speckles
6. Enhance healthy and delay senile

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