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1. 13 outputs 12 for slimming,1 for breast,wrapped with 26 pads,24pads for slimming ,2pads for Breast enlargement
2. The 10 Sets of Computer Programs:
1:Circulation Enhancement
2:Weight Loss (A)
3:Weight Loss (B)
6:Breast Enlargement
7:Breast Building (Enrichment)
8:Breast Building (Lifting)
10:Pain Relief


Set 1: Circulation Enhancement
As the body's circulatory system becomes less efficient from age, lifestyle, or health issues, honeycomb-shaped cellulite forms in the waist, abdomen, hips, and thighs. This situation, known as cellulites, can be significantly improved with use of the Body perfect. The on-board computer sends signals to specific regions of the body, with signal configured according to the appropriate region. Established medical methodology is used to determine the regions and the wave patterns. The result is increased fluid flow in veins, arteries, and lymphatic vessels, and smooth metabolic purging of toxins, waste, and other unwanted material in the cells and bodily fluid.
This program is applicable for clients suffering from swollen legs, edema, bloating, and excessive mass in the thighs and legs.
Set 2: Weight Loss (A)
This program results in cyclical stimulation of muscle. Of the body's"Fast"muscle groups(optimal tensile strength, less duration, high consumption of oxygen, and higher susceptibility to fatigue), 70percernt is stimulated. A portion of the slow muscle groups (lower fatigue) are also stimulated. The resulting contractions are similar to those produced by mild forms of exercise such as strenuous walking, light jogging, etc.
The reduced level of muscle agitation makes this program suitable for customers of low to medium physical condition and who do not contain more than 10kg of excessive weight.
Set 3: Weight Loss (B)
Similar to Set 2, this program produces a higher level of stimulation aimed at clients with better physical fitness. The pace is higher and 80% of the fast muscles are cyclically stimulated. The resulting contractions are equivalent to jogging and will produce relaxation and swifter weight loss through a higher consumption of oxygen that will burn calories and fat.
Set 4: Workout
Customers enjoying a standard weight or those maintaining exercise programs may still suffer from flabby muscles. This program stimulates the nerves and muscles that are neglected by the client's usual program, with a result of strengthening the muscles that normally react to such exercises as jogging, jump roping, sit-ups, etc.
Set 5: Fitness
Designed for clients who not exercise regularly or suffer from excessive weight, flabby muscle, or simply too much fat, this program stimulates a wider range of muscles to reproduce solid and intensive exercise resulting in improved muscle tone and shape.
Set 6: Breast Enlargement
Estrogen is the main source for growth of the breasts. As it is a integral element of the blood, the transfer of this hormone throughout the body relies on circulation of the blood. Enhanced regional circulation optimizes the flow of blood and the distribution of estrogen throughout the breast tissue, providing a critical boost for the growth and preservation of the breast tissue and shape. The automatic reciprocal scanner utilizes medically determined locations to accelerate blood and hormone flow from the bottom layer of muscle tissue to the outer vein expansions in the epidermis. Large amounts of estrogen and blood are eventually distributed and provide the fat cells (97 percent of the breast) with nutrition and growth factors.
The program is applicable for female clients who suffer from poorly developed breasts (flat, shallow, or narrow shapes) or circulation problems.
Set 7: Breast Building (Enrichment)
When the estrogen is distributed within the breast tissue through the blood, the capillaries also distribute necessary nutrition and oxygen to the cells. Optimum pressure within the capillary allows for this critical function to be performed.
This program utilizes a high number of drifting and auto-scanning individual programs combined with the aim of enhancing the aim of enhancing the capillary pressure through stimulation of the sympathetic nerves that control the flow. The result is increased supply of nutrients, hormones, and oxygen.
Applicable to clients suffering from poorly developed breasts, this program is also useful in treating clients who experience flatter breasts after delivery, those with low absorption levels, and those who wish to increase breast size.
Set 8: Breast Building (Lifting)
Flabby muscles in breast walls and reduced flexibility in skin tissues allows the breast to sag. This program strengthens the breast muscle band thus restoring flexibility and lift. The pectoralis major and serratus anterior muscles are stimulated, as are the capillaries and nerves of the epidermis, resulting in increased hydration, distribution of nutrition, and oxygen supply.
This program is suitable for clients who have well-developed breast that may eventually fall through lack of execise.
Set 9: Toning
This program uses mild output impulses to train those muscles which contain dense concentrations of nerves used for exercise (legs, upper arms) and that are susceptible to over-stimulation. Also applicable for flabby back muscles and post-natal abdomen treatment.
Set 10: Pain Relief
Pain is the body's warning system and intended to prevent additional injury. However, chronic pain is a long term pain condition serving no purpose.
This program is a safe, non-invasive, drug-free method of pain management. It relieves pain by sending small electrical impulses through electrodes placed on the skin to the underlying nerve fibers, thereby inhibiting the sensation of pain.

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