Portable Red Light&Micro-current Breast Enhancer Care Wrinkles Removing Massage

Portable Red Light&Micro-current Breast Enhancer Care Wrinkles Removing Massager Beauty Salon

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- Repair cell and reduce lump
It can improve the microcirculation of skin blood system and lymphatic system, stimulate the activity of intracellular mitochondria, the specific wave length can change the luminous energy into cell energy, neutralize the free radical which are produced within the cells.
-Stimulate collagen and remove wrinkles
It can adjust matrix metalloproteinase (MMPs), prevent degradation of extra-cellular matrix (ECM) and promote generation of ECM, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
3. Adjust internal secretion of the body
It can push the motion of the breast muscle, accelerate the blood circulation of breast and stimulate prolactin of oocyte to stimulate the growth and augmentation of the lactenin fat so as to achieve the plump and firm breast.
4. The best breast care apparatus at present market
The effect of using this apparatus for one time is much better than that of massaging ten times in beauty salon and the pain will vanish immediately with firm breast.


- Effective for cytothesis and reducing lump: Red light can stimulate fibrocyte, and improve blood & lymphatic circulating system. The particular wavelength of the red light can convert photoenergy to cellenergy.
-Stimulating collagen and reducing wrinkle: Regulating matrix metalloproteinase MMPS, preventing ECM degradation and promoting new ECM protein generation, so as to reduce wrinkle.
-Effecting endocrine: Promoting breast blood circulation, and stimulating prolactin of egg cells, further to effect the enlargement of the fat, and finally make breast firm and plump.

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