Ultrasonic Cavitation Liposuction RF BIO Vacuum Slim

Ultrasonic Cavitation Liposuction Bipolar RF BIO Vacuum Slimming Machine Skin Tighten Face Lifting

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Obesity, becoming a stumbling to block women’s pursuit beautiful .it makes million of women fear summer .it is a nightmare that make women’s heart so much misery but unable to do anything . Movement, the fat will rebound quickly ,maybe become more fatter . Liposuction, waist will become fine. But if you careless, the skin will lose elasticity .Diet ,become slander ,but ,it is damage for you health .eat too much and take a little exercise .it is easy become fat, also there are minority people become fat because of disease.

Usually, excessive calories will turn into fat and stored in the skin, or around the internal organs, in addition to fat too thickness also have fat around the heart, or form fatty liver. Of modern people, obesity has become a chronic disease, but also made all kinds of side effects spread. So why in the end lead to obesity?

1. Heredity: If parents are fat, obese children have a 70% chance that if one of parents fat , the child will have a 50 percent chance of obesity, of course, eating habits at home also account for a large influence.
2. Eat or drink too much: sweets, soft drinks, high-calorie food, high oil, high-sweet, high-protein, low-fiber is the main reason for becoming obese.
3 .Lack of exercise: If the same diet or eating too many calorie intake, and lack of exercise, equivalent to extra calories into fat storage, more and more fat after a long-term accumulation
4. Supper: Long-term, or eat too late to eat before going to bed are the most vulnerable to becoming obese. Because of poor metabolism in the evening to absorb, so pile on the pounds easily.
5. Emotional eating: often glad or sad mood, and can not help eating or overeating, resulting in too many calories into fat, it will gradually become obese.
6. Feeding the central nervous system disorders: a result of the termination has been eating is not eating, it is a type of fat
7. Hormonal abnormalities, or abnormal hormone secretion, but also easy to get fat.

8. Abnormal hormone secretion, or drug use, such as epinephrine, thyroxine, insulin, or the use of steroid drugs can be..


The equipment takes the strong ultrasonic heads to release 40,000Hz powerful ultrasonic, speedy vibrates fatiness cells, produces countless vacuum air pocket in and out of cells, mightily impacts the fatty cells, makes the cell membrane produce the inner cracking, so as to dissolve the triglyceride to be the glycirin and free fatty acid
RF keeps stimulating electrons inside cell molecules of the body, and enables electrons to move and hit each other, thus to produce heat to burn
out the fat and diminish the fat bulk. Meanwhile, it can also solve the flab problem after childbirth or liposuction operation.
The particular fat-bursting radio frequency technology make fat dissolving safer and easier. It adopts patent PMT technology
and self-owned circled electrode, strictly controls the depth and evenness of the current RF, and avoids the risk of being

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  • Ultrasonic Cavitation Liposuction RF BIO Vacuum Slim
  • Ultrasonic Cavitation,Liposuction,RF,Vacuum,PDT,BIO Weight Loss,Skin Rejuvenation