Ultrasonic Liposuction Equipment Cavitation Slimming

Ultrasonic Liposuction Cavitation Cellulite Machine Ultrasound Cavitation RF Body Slimming Equipment

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"Fat", for all that is not a stranger, the noun. When our life time step to gradually well-off and surroundings will find the man also seems to be more and
more fat, even you yourself a little attention may also be "fat" the members of the family. Someone said, not fat, one can see, indeed. But the diagnosis of macroscopic observation, obesity, need not as is the scientific basis.
What is the fat
Popularly says, obesity is too much body fat accumulation. Medicine thinks, if one day absorbs energy than wastage of the body, this redundant energy can store fat in the body, as time passes, the body can exceed the normal weight. When a person's weight more than 10%, called standard weight overweight, Beyond the standard 20%, called the mild obesity, Beyond the standard of weight 30%, called the moderate fat, Beyond the standard of weight more than 50%, known as severe obesity.


Use strong acoustic frequency hair gather injection of 40000HZ strong waves, speed vibration fat cells, fat cells and produce countless, puissant hit air is adipose cell, make fat cells that produce introverted blasting triglycerides decomposed into glycerol and fatty acids, free from rf frequency reaches 0.5
MHZ, deep treatment of skin, heated to supply oxygen and nutrients, strengthen cell function, improve the blood and lymph circulation, active metabolism eliminate and soften the honeycomb, weight loss, and achieve organizational goal.

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