Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Belt Beauty Machine Fat Loss

Contract Target Abdominal Muscles,Low-Frequency And IR Fat Dissolving-------Intelligent Waist Slimming Machine

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1.Waist slimming belt can gain temperature,promote blood circulation,burnt fat,and reduce stress and so on.
2. Scientific layout of the 27 black contact head,cover all acupuncture points of belly
3.Through the intelligent mode,release energy on contact point,heating and fat decomposition,then the body fluid helps to expel decompasition fat from body.


Induced current is a kind of nonuniform alternating current,it can make the muscle produce spasmodical and forcibly contracted musle under the control of Physical therapist. This product is combine different kinds of currents,can cause similar physiological effect and have no uncomfortable fellings. This is faladi current, faladi current is a kind of imtermittent current,can cause a muscle contraction that are very similar with natural sports.
Primary care is sensory nerve stimulated,have stabbing pain felling and the red skin phenomenon. When the electric contact the sport pot ordered and correct and the current intensity is enough ,it can cause muscle contraction. Imtermittent current cause releive effect, can take precautions against muscle tired and uncomfortable. The contract muscle will cause the similar effect around blood vessel and lymphatic,not only improve the cells’ function,but also improve rubbish drainage.Stimulate muscle produce zonary contract sport,compel fat cells to release the stock fat,improve the flagging muscle strong

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