Why 808nm Hair Removal Is Better?

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Hair removal is a relatively common problem in beauty. I think most women have experienced the problems caused by “hands and feet”. Especially in the summer, everyone should have a stronger desire to do their own hair management. So you can wear Bikinis without any Embarrassed,Before hair removal, everyone must understand the “basic knowledge” of hair removal in order to choose the safest, most comfortable, long lasting, and best hair removal program.

In the Market, we have many Hair removal machines can be chosen, but which one is best for ourselves to use, it confuses people and does not know which one to choose, today let’s talk about two of them, 808nm hair removal and Multi-function OPT hair removal.

808nm Hair Removal

The main function of 808nm semiconductor laser is hair removal. Its working principle is based on selective thermodynamics. The laser goes through the skin surface to reach the root of hair follicles; light can be absorbed and converted into heat damaged hair follicle tissue, and the appropriate pulse duration ensures that the target tissue generates enough thermal damage and the surrounding tissue is almost unaffected, thus Hair loss and loss of regenerative ability to achieve permanent hair removal,Slight pain, easy operation, the safest, technology for permanent hair removal now.

Multi-Function OPT

It is an intelligent, non-exfoliating skin reconstruction system that combines OPT hair removal technology and perfect pulsed light technology. When it reaches the skin rejuvenation, it can directly break the melanin with powerful and rapid energy to improve the pigmented skin and achieve the purpose of whitening and purifying the skin. The difference between a skin rejuvenation laser and a conventional laser is the pulse width (pulse duration). The shorter the pulse width, the weaker the effect of light conversion into heat, and the less the photothermal effect, the less likely it is to spread to the surrounding intact tissue. The stronger the role. It can make pigmented skin lesions produce a stronger therapeutic effect under shorter treatment times; faster, more energetic, better effect and safer.

The difference between 808nm and OPT

Multi-function OPT: Multi-function OPT uses OPT hair removal technology and strong pulse light principle. Because of its many functions, the selected laser wavelength is relatively broad, and it works well for black hair, but for other colors of hair, such as yellow hair, The effect of whitish fluff is weak. It can also be used for freckle (such as freckles, sunburn, age spots, and various types of pigmentation), hemorrhoids, skin rejuvenation, vascular lesions, exogenous pigmented skin lesions, black-faced dolls (reduced pores, Whitening and skin rejuvenation, etc., can carry out many beauty projects and have a high market share.
808 Diode Laser: Diode Laser based on the principle of selective photothermal action, the hair follicle and hair shaft are rich in melanin. The 808 laser wavelength can accurately and selectively perform hair removal treatment with melanin as a target. It is a professional hair removal instrument, not only for black. Hair, for other color hairs, yellow hair, white hair, brown hair, etc. can be effectively removed, stable performance, precise and fast, very good adsorption of melanin, is the gold standard instrument for hair removal projects.

In Summary

Both instruments are equipped with hair removal function. The 808nm semiconductor laser is known as the global hair removal gold standard. It is a professional hair removal device. The OPT function is complete and covers a wide range. It can be used as a beauty project and cost-effective. It can be based on its own storefront. Select the device.

I hope the above information can help you find the right choice for you.if you have any questions ,please leave me a message .

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