What is the difference between 5mw and 160mw lipo laser?

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1. Is the 5mw and 160mw lipo laser with the same function?

The 160mw lipo laser is faster and more effective for fat removal. The 5mw lipo laser mainly uses for Keeping fit. They both can accelerate tissue coagulation to avoid muscle slack after slimming.

2. Is the 160mw lipo laser hurt my skin?

General, it will not hurt skin if the operator does the treatment with the correct operation skill. And there is notice when you doing the treatment. During the treatment, the operator should care if the temperature so higher, and adjust the intensity from lower to higher, find the best intensity for the patient's body. Do not suggest USE 160mw machine work it on the face.

3. Is it hurts when I doing the 160mw lipo laser treatment?

It is not hurt during the treatment.

4. Can 5mw lipo laser help me reduce weight?

It can help with reducing weight, but very slow. It is mainly used for keeping fit and accelerate tissue coagulation to avoid muscle slack after slimming.

5. Which should I choose for 5mw lipo laser or 160mw lipo laser?

If your purpose is losing weight with lipo laser, you would better choose 160mw. If your purpose is mainly for keeping fit and skin tightening, you should choose 5mw lipo laser.

6. Is the price the same of the 5mw and 160mw lipo laser?

More energy and technology are needed for the 160mw lipo laser, it is more expensive than the 5mw lipo laser.

7. How long should I do the treatment for 5mw and 160mw?

Generally, one course of treatment per a single area is usually adequate to achieve the required results. However, after 6 months if the results are unsatisfactory there is the opportunity for repeat treatments.

How permanent the weight loss is, is determined by your lifestyle following treatment. The treatment destroys the accumulation of the fat in the treated area to leave a long-term solution. However, maintenance of this fat loss is dependent on a healthy diet and exercise.

8. Is 160mw faster for fat removal?

As the energy output is stronger, it is faster and more effective for fat removal.

9. What is the difference between 5mw and 160mw lipo laser?

The energy output is different. The160mw lipo laser with higher power and energy.

The 5mw lipo laser is mainly used to keep and maintain the effectiveness of weight loss.

The 160mw lipo laser mainly used to lose weight.

If you use the 5mw lipo laser to lose fat, It needs more time than 160mw lipo laser to see the effect.

When you use the 5mw lipo laser, You will feel warm of the skin. Not as hot as the 160mw laser pad. And it takes a longer time to get warm.

When you use the 160mw lipo laser, you will feel hot both on the surface and deep of the skin.

10. What can 5mw lipo laser do for me?

The 5mw lipo laser mainly uses for Keeping fit. It also can accelerate tissue coagulation to avoid muscle slack after slimming.

11. What are the advantages if I use the 160mw lipo laser for fat removal?

(1) The safe, minimally-invasive procedure, it uses low levels of visible red laser light to create a safe and painless stimulation is of the normal chemical pathways to free up reserved energy resources stored in fat.it is safe, effective and immediately demonstrable.

(2) Easy to operate, treatments are passive and require only the correct positioning of treatment pads, it will not compromise office staff time or productivity,won't affect life and work after treatment, fast healing time

(3) Treat All Skin Types, Treat All Body Parts such as the neck, back, knees, hips, thighs, bottom, and arms

(4) Accelerate tissue coagulation to avoid muscle slack after slimming

(5) No bleeding, no pain, no side-effect

(6 )Save money, fast return on your investment

12. How quickly will I see the results of 160mw treatment for fat removal?

You will see the results of the treatment periodically. Initially, you may notice some minor changes, but it will be one to two months before significant changes are witnessed. The body will naturally continue to remove the processed fat over a long period of time, subsequently, it may take as many as twelve months before the final outcome is achieved.

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