What is E-light Treatment?

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1. What is the E-light treatment?

E-light, combines IPL and Radio Frequency releasing precisely controlled pulses of filtered light that are absorbed by Melanin, the pigment in Hair. This heats up the hair and destroys the cells responsible for hair growth to achieve long-term hair reduction. The big advantage of combining IPL and Radiofrequency is it reaches deeper down and does not affect melanin in the skin, so all skin types can be treated, which IPL cannot alone. This can also target light grey and red hair. Also by using this latest technology together, it has the bonus of rejuvenating the skin at the same time leaving it softer than normal.

E Light combines IPL technology with Bipolar Radio Frequency for improved results in a number of aesthetic treatments.

E-Light Pigmentation Treatment. E-Light Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses wavelengths of heated light and assisted Radio Frequency which is directly aimed at the pigmented spots. The advantages of this technology include the fact that the pigment is able to be targeted precisely without damaging the surrounding tissue

2. What is the benefit of E-light treatment?

1. E-Light Vascular Treatment: E-Light treatment is one of the most effective procedures for patients with non-aesthetic vascular lesions in addition to signs of photo-ageing. E-light helps to treat capillaries, spider veins and rosacea.

2. E-Light Pigmentation Treatment: E-Light Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses wavelengths of heated light and assisted Radio Frequency which are directly aimed at the pigmented spots. The advantages of this technology include the fact that the pigment is able to be targeted precisely without damaging the surrounding tissue. Skin pigmentation in the face, neck, chest and hands can be treated safely and effectively.

3. E-Light Acne Treatment: Acne light therapy is the pain-free, low-cost way to get rid of blemishes on acne-prone skin. It does not zap zits like a laser, but it kills acne bacteria and shrinks oil-producing glands to give skin a chance to recover on its own

4. E-light Skin Rejuvenation: One of the most effective ways to improve overall skin texture and appearance. Skin rejuvenation helps to fade pigmentation and minimise redness. A safe gradual process without risk of downtime. Skin appears fresher, rejuvenated and younger-looking even after just a few treatments. The benefits of a full course can last up to a year. The appearance of broken blood vessels, skin blemishes, rosacea, birthmarks, sun damage and pigmentation marks are reduced. Visible results can be dramatic. Increased collagen production tones and improves elasticity of the skin to combat fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Therma-Lift Treatment: Therma Lift is a non-surgical, pain-free solution to wrinkles and sagging skin. The treatment uses a radio frequency device to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin by delivering heat to cells in the lower layers of your skin (dermis) without harm to the upper layers.

6. Safer and more comfortable for the patient: It is a painless treatment. The emission of light pulse is modulated, without intensity peaks (which does occur in other hair removal equipments), neutralizing the risk of burns and the sensation of pain or discomfort in the user.

Thanks to the RF, IPL laser output requires less energy to achieve the goal of the treatment. Combining IPL + RF, it is possible to achieve results with much less risk of overheating the top layer of skin. In addition, it is nicer for the user.

The machine has three cooling systems, making the treatment safe and comfortable for the patient. The handheld has a refrigerant that, when it is touching the skin, it eliminates the sensation of heat on the surface and increases the safety and comfort of the treatment. In addition, two other internal systems ensure that the machine remains in the optimum operating temperature. Easy to apply: The equipment is designed to be effective and at the same time easy to use.

7. Through touchscreen, you can select the treatment to apply. The software is very intuitive.

Take advantage of this advanced professional equipment. You gain in comfort and safety, and you will be offering the leading treatments in the market.

3. How much does E-light treatment cost?

The cost of E-light acne therapy ranges from $40 for a single treatment to about $1,000 to $1,500 for a full treatment package, including several weekly sessions.

4. How long does E-light treatment session last?

Your skin care specialist first cleans the area that’s being treated. Then they rub a cool gel onto your skin. Then, they apply light pulses from the IPL device to your skin. During your treatment, you’ll need to wear dark glasses to protect your eyes.

The pulses might sting your skin. Some people like the feeling to being snapped with a rubber band.

Depending on which part of your body is being treated and how large the area is, the treatment should take 20 to 30 minutes.

To get the results you want, you may need to have three to six treatments. Those treatments should be spaced about one month apart to let your skin heal in between. Hair removal requires 6 to 12 treatments.

A series of weekly E-light acne treatments for several weeks is recommended to achieve optimal results. However, the amount and frequency of treatments that you will need depend on the severity of your acne and how well it responds to treatment. Many patients see results with two to four weekly treatments. To maintain results after the initial series of treatments, monthly treatments are often recommended.

5. What is the E-light treatment risk and side effect?

Possible risks

Most people experience mild redness or swelling after the procedure. This typically fades within a day or two. Patients who undergo blue light photodynamic therapy typically experience better results than with blue light therapy alone. Some patients may experience swelling, redness, stinging, and burning following treatment, and rarely, some patients may be allergic. It is important to keep in mind that since photodynamic therapy is a relatively new acne treatment method, long-term results and side effects have not been determined

In some cases, you may experience:

· bruising

· blistering

· change in skin color

· Infection

Side effect

Light therapy that involves only visible light is generally considered safe. Still, the use of phototherapy for people with drug-resistant non-seasonal depression can result in a hyperactive state called mania. In these rare cases light therapy must be reduced or stopped and the condition adequately treated.

Any treatment where the patient is exposed to ultraviolet radiation is not completely without its risks – including premature aging of the skin and an increased possibility for skin cancer development later in life. Eye strain and temporary headaches caused by the light are also often reported, although these symptoms do not seem to indicate any permanent injury.

In photodynamic therapy, side effects differ depending upon the type of photosensitizer used, with methyl aminolevulinate tending to produce the most severe pain during treatment and potentially a higher chance of subsequent hyperpigmentation. Patients sometimes also experience a flare of acne that is transitory in nature.

Photosensitivity reactions triggered by light involve redness, stinging and burning and they usually subside three weeks after the treatment. Allergic reactions such as hives and eczema can appear at the area of contact within a few hours after exposure to the cream.

Relying on unverified uses of light therapy while postponing or avoiding conventional therapy for cancer can have dire consequences. That is the reason why a multidisciplinary approach must be pursued, and there is also a possibility to pre-treat the tumor cells to make them more susceptible to photodynamic therapy.

6. What do people say about E-light treatment? (reviews)

1. Here is the list of improvements that I have experience with TWO sessions of E-light facial:

· Overall skin tone brightening

· Lightening of old scars

· Tightening of stubborn pores (especially on the nose)

· Lightening the redness of broken capillaries around my nose area

· Smooth, “pore-less” look of the skin

· Facial hair removal (how convenient!)

Plus, no downtime and no pain!

The E-light facial indeed breathed new life into my sallow skin and I’m really grateful for it. It has made me change my makeup routine; now I won’t go out without the W+ Protective Day Cream. I also skip applying BB cream all over the face, because there’s no need to cover skin good enough to be on its own! I’m confident with just sunblock and concealer, which in my opinion, is the ideal situation.

2. The E-Light SHR Facial Therapy was overall a good experience. The room's dim atmosphere with soothing music, gentle hands and thoughtfulness of the beautician helps a little in reassurance.

If there is one thing that I have to compliment, it would be the helpful explanation and hearing out your comfort feedback on the current tested before proceeding the SHR at sensitive areas, especially near the eyes. They provided some orange google s to reduce the glaring effect, but even with those on, I still experienced sudden bright light that fades off quickly, which could be unpleasant to some. This is due to the thin layer of skin around our eyes and effect from the IPL.

However, thankfully this process is a short one and there was no residual discomfort from this.

It is also normal to experience some warm sensation followed by mild current zapping on the skin, which is something I had to get used to. This feeling is due to the interaction of RF energy and dermal resistance to the dermal layer to stimulate collagen fibers to regenerate and re-arrange, promoting a more youthful look. The benefit of RF is that, even with lower IPL energy, optimal energy still can reach and heat up the target tissues, which prevents the skin from getting burned at the same time.

For care after E-Light system: Avoid exposure under direct sun for one week as it can be rather harmful to the newly treated skin.

The best part of the activation of collagen is it maximizes absorption of skin care products, so go generous on those skin moisturizers :)

Another tip next time before you go for your next E-Light appointment, pamper yourself with a nice moisturizing mask the night before as it is beneficial during the treatment.

When seeing is believing.

Although it is not very obvious in this picture, I solemn swear there is the obvious effect when I checked out myself in the mirror for comparison. My lower right jaw has a more slender shape with a more defined looking right eye. This is especially noticeable when you have droopy mono eyelids like mine.

If you are curious how long this treatment will last, here is the answer.

The suppleness you slowly learn to appreciate will slowly drop by 20% each month due to our normal skin cell life of approx. 27 days. But with each treatment, it will restore the collagen back to 100%.

For those in your 30's, it only takes 4-5 cycles of E-Light Facial Therapy to notice the more youthful you.

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