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How to Chose a Neck Shoulder Massager Correctly?

  • Author: Caroline LiuDate:04-16-2019

The neck massager promotes blood circulation in the neck by means of vibration or tapping massage, and relieves neck discomfort caused by long-term maintenance of a certain fixed posture, thereby achieving the effect of relieving fatigue and effectively preventing cervical spondylosis.
The neck massager is different from the cervical massager, the neck massager refers to the neck pillow product specifically for the neck massage, and the cervical massager includes the shoulder massager and the back massager in addition to the neck massager. The cervical vertebra is good for all types of massagers.

Product Category

The neck massagers on the market mainly include manual, vibrating, pulsed and kneading massage methods.

How to Choose the Correct One?

Shape: It can perfectly fit the neck of the human body and has a good supporting effect on the neck. The home needs to be selected according to the size of the gap between the seat or the sofa and the neck of the human body; and the vehicle is selected according to the structure of the car seat. The general furniture massage neck pillow is U-shaped, while the car seat is suitable for three-dimensional triangular bone pillow. A three-dimensional triangular bone pillow like the new one belongs to this category.
Material: The skin of the neck is extremely delicate, so the choice of materials is also very particular. The fabric is mainly soft and comfortable flannel. The inner filling should be made of soft, slightly elastic and strong supporting materials such as memory cotton and latex cotton.
Function: The neck is a special part. The kneading touch is better, but it is difficult to control the force and may cause injury. Both the pulse and the vibrating are realized by a micro motor, which is somewhat noisy but relatively safe.


1.Sedentary office workers and computer families;
2.A teacher or student who works or studies at a long time;
3.Drivers and other drivers who need to drive for a long time;
4.Hand-made, sculpture, writing, etc., specific professionals who need long-term bowing.


1.A person whose neck is traumatized and has not fully recovered;
2.Cervical pain caused by neuropathic cervical spondylosis;
3.There is inevitably a certain degree of noise, neurasthenia can not be used, may lead to irritability, syncope and other symptoms

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