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What Is Customized Service?

"Customized Service" is a service tailored to the customer. The purpose of this service is to provide customers with products that suit their specific needs. Customized service is a new form of luxury that is tailored to you. Our customized services not only match the customer's physical skin condition to the existing product line but also create a unique machine that fits the customer's own needs. This is their exclusive machine.

Why Is Customized Service A Trend?

1. Customized services can meet personalized needs
According to surveys, companies around the world use customized VIP services to help their customers. From social media to fashion, from technology to food, you'll find that customized services are industry trends and futures. Customization is the desire of consumers in all industries today. There are definitely some customers in the market who want to customize. Because they want to decide what they want. What customers need now is a customized product. A meal to your taste, a fitted pair of jeans or a shirt that fits your body which is a perfect product that customers are looking for. There is a huge interest in customized products. Sine the only way to make the perfect product for someone is to tailor it for them. Many companies are breaking the limits of thinking and responding to people's needs. For example, perfumes were not layered in the past. But now everything is custom. Some handmade brands have launched a variety of fragrances designed for layering.

2. Customized services enable consumers to gain a sense of participation
Consumer participation can create a strong bond. Like the day, people are increasingly looking to participate in creation. From the beginning to the end, they all felt that they were involved and got a favorite product. ”They created something unique, and the experience became meaningful and a sense of satisfaction. Human beings are born with imagination and expression; we are attracted by what we create. Not only do we like to play an active role in co-creating products, but this enjoyment actually increases the perceived value of the product. Custom services enable consumers to go beyond merely advising on what products they want to see and become actual co-creators. Today's buyers want more than just a set of tools, but a feeling of being empowered.they have your company’s undivided attention, they’ll be more likely to make a purchase or to establish a lasting relationship with the company.

Which Group Will Enjoy Customized Services?

We can help your ideas come true
We provide tailor-made VIP services to help your baby's ideas come true. We know that your creativity is the most precious gift in the world. We help you turn abstract ideas into concrete plans.

We will customize the beauty machine and treatment plan for you.
You can enjoy the luxury beauty spa/beauty salon to customize the service, just like our customized service. We are a professional beauty machinery supplier and one-stop beauty solution provider.
We are committed to providing you with tailor-made beauty equipment and precise treatment options.

You can customize your own marketing
For a complete traditional sales cycle, 30 days or more is a nightmare for each distributor, and it is subject to risks such as high inventory, poor quality, poor sales, and long lead times. With customized VIP service, a variety of beauty machines help you customize your marketing with zero risks, zero inventory, high quality and short processing time.

What Is The Benefit Of Customized Service?

For Individual
In the traditional mode, beauty machines are produced by manufacturers, and consumers can only buy them passively. However, the skin between people is very different. For example, differences in skin sensitivity and skin quality can cause our skin to have different needs for beauty machines. Many people change products frequently, but they never achieve the desired results. Our company saw this problem and finally decided to introduce customized services to the product model. Customized services can be customized according to the skin of the consumer and provide exclusive skin care solutions for instant customization and resolution. According to the consumer's personal opinion, whether it is for systemic or topical treatment, we will make corresponding customizations.

For SPA/Salon
Beauty salon products, projects, and services affect the customer's retention and in-store performance, and nowadays this consumer demand is constantly evolving, a single beauty service seems to have failed to meet customer needs. In order to satisfy more customers, beauty salons only upgrade their services to meet the needs of the market and bring new experiences to consumers. Private ordering is a new service model that extends from traditional beauty projects. Tailor-made beauty programs are tailored to your skin condition and individual needs. It can meet the diversified and personalized needs of customers, and make it a reflection of the beauty and strength of beauty salons, thus enhancing the competitiveness of beauty salons. Breaking through traditional thinking, through high-end customized services, we can satisfy consumers' all-round demand for beauty, so that consumers will not lose because of the single beauty salon products, and achieve continuous consumption, thus making beauty salons profitable. Our customized service can help beauty salons to develop different machines and provide treatment options for different clients.

For Distributor: Zero Stock, Zero Risk
Product updates are getting faster and faster, customer needs are increasingly diversified, and competition is becoming more intense. Many dealers often cause different levels of commodity inventory to squeeze due to strategic mistakes. It not only occupies the company's operating funds, but also lengthens the product's turnover cycle, and also increases the company's management costs, reduces overall profits, and affects the company's development. In general, a 30-day or longer sales cycle means a lot of risk for each dealer, such as high inventory, poor sales, long lead times, etc. This situation is very bad. However, if we choose our established service, this problem will be easily solved. It only needs to produce and sell for a specific target group and does not need a large number of hoarding products, realizing zero risks and zero inventory. High-quality machine, good performance, and thoughtful service help you achieve high quality, short handle time marketing model.

What Can Be Customized?

1.ID design:Customize the appearance
Most people in shopping are not only satisfied with the quality of products but also care about the appearance of products, making product design increasingly become the product of the combination of technology and art. Our ID design only customizes the appearance according to the customer's needs, endowing the product with beautiful and practical functions and bringing customers no enjoyment.

2.MD design:Customize the inner architectural design
If you have your own idea of the internal structure of the product, we can make appropriate adjustments according to your needs.

3.Accessories:Customize the probe,handpiece, screen, holder, etc
Different handle probes have different functions, and our customized service can provide the corresponding probes according to the different needs of customers. Whether it is a single RF probe, Cavitation probe, Vacuum probe, or multiple probes of RF combined with Cavitation, we have everything. We will try our best to choose the best solution to meet your personalized needs.

4.Package:DIY your logo or your special idea onto the package
Nowadays, many people are paying attention to the packaging design of products. The logo is not only a simple mark but also represents the product to a large extent. Its role is mainly to strengthen the positioning and participate in the competition. A small design enhances people's memory and makes the product memorable and recognizable. Good design can stand out from many competitors, or the product becomes the first choice for consumers' psychological structure.

5.Service:Provide online services for you
We are committed to providing high-quality services for customers, patiently answer product-related questions, for customers to remove worries.

Professional aesthetician offers you the best solution

What Is The Process Of Customized Service?

1. Make a propose
Customers elaborate on their requirements for the product, which can be the appearance, accessories, logo design, product functions and so on. You can select a case and handpieces.

2.Evaluate&develop project
We will carry out a feasibility analysis according to the specific requirements of customers and try our best to meet the personalized needs of customers.

3.project determined
The product design scheme was recently determined through consultation

4.Project development.
We will confirm all the details with you and we will start implementing your customized machine.

5.Delivery&After-sale service
When we have prepared a customized machine for you, we will send you the machine as soon as possible. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, we will reply you at the first time.

Why Choose Our Customized Service?

Why choose our customized service?
1. We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of beauty and health
2. Our business scope covers 16 countries and regions
3. We have 4 professional productions lines4,000 square meters of factory
4. We have three Research and development teams
5.24 hours of online service

Customized Service FAQs

1. Do custom services need to collect personal information?
A: Yes. The more you know about a custom service, the faster and more accurate it will be to provide you with customized content and information. The purpose of the customized service is to help you understand your interests and preferences in order to get the right product or solution.

2. Will the personal information provided by the customer be protected?
A: We do not disclose your personal information to third parties through customized services, and we may share your personal information with our subsidiaries, affiliates, and third party service providers who help us provide customized services. We promise that this information will be used exclusively for your customized service and will not be used for any other commercial purpose.

3. Where can I get more information about your customized service?
A: You can get more information from this link :

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