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Lipo Laser Review | 2019 Best Laserlipo Machine Buying Guide

Best Lipo Laser Machine 2019: Reviews & Buyer's Guide

  • Author: Selina HeDate:03-10-2020

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mim***ail.ca Date:Aug-12-2019 03:56
I bought their RF machine for weight loss and tightening. The machine arrived and was not working. They are in China, and wanted me to take another machine instead. I did not want a repeat of the first machine and refused. They have a ship point in North America, but they wanted me to ship it back to China. I had no choice, so I did. Cost $192.12 return which they assured me they would refund once they got the machine. Long story short., they turned away the machine at the door. My only recourse was EBay. EBAY refunded the machine and gave me $30 refund for shipping at their expense. This vendor did nothing. I have since purchased a machine FDA and Canadian approved and am seeing fantastic results for LESS money. Conclusion: garbage products and company.
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