What Is The High Frequency Facial Treatment?

High Frequency machine for face can accelerate the activity in the skin's basal layer, improve skin texture and give an improvement in the skin's protection from bacteria. It has a anti-bacterial effect, due to the ozone formation. The improvement of lymphatic and venous blood circulation, makes the skin texture and oil and moisture to be in balance.
The High Frequency machines for skin are good for enhancing blood circulation, increasing the skin to produce collagen, eliminating toxins and acne-causing bacteria, accelerating lymphatic drainage, removing dead skin and promoting the skin to absorb the all kinds of cosmetic cream, nutrition and serums with the safe, and oxygenating power of high frequency electrical current.

How much does a high frequency facial treatment? How many treatments do i need?

The cost for high frequency facial treatment can range from $80 to $160 per treatment, and it is recommended that anyone who is treating a problem such as acne or oily skin to do this treatment once a week for 10 sessions. It is recommended for everyone else to get this facial treatment once every two weeks for 10 sessions.

The steps for high frequency facial treatment

1) Clean the skin after removing the makeup, then dry the skin.
2) Use some baby powder to the face for the electrodes to glide much smoothly.
3) Choose a suitable electrode.
4) Do the massage for 10 min on face, from the bottom to the top.
5) Apply the skin care product or facial mask to complete the treatment.


What is the benefit of the high frequency facial treatment?

High frequency facial treatment offers a safe and reliable alternative to the invasive skin recovery procedures. The results are different for different persons with different skin types, ages when you use the high frequency for anti-aging purposes.
1) An Improvement In Acne
Sometimes the body can become immune to certain acne medications if used over an extended period of time. When adopted with an effective acne treatment lotion, regular application of high frequency can keep the acne away long, while other expensive medications and treatments probably can fail.
2)Shrinking the Enlarged Pores
With regular use, the high frequency facial treatment has good effective at shrinking the pores, softening skin, controlling the excess sebum to produce and eliminating the formation of blackheads.
3) Softening the Fine Lines, Wrinkles, and Sagging Skin
The high frequency can speed up blood circulation, which in turn nourishes the skin's surface and renews underlying cells. It can reduce the face fine lines and wrinkles, tighten double chins and improve all kinds of skin texture and tone. It can also promote the skin to produce the collagen.
4)A Reducing the Eye Puffiness and fading the dark circles around eyes
The high frequency current will produce the pulsating oxygenation action, which helps to drain the lymphatic, decentralize the excessive fluid volume and promote the blood circulation. Then it has the result of reducing the congested appearance, relieving the tired, puffy eyes and fading the dark circles around eyes. The high frequency also can help the skin to absorb the skin care products.

5) Healthier Hair Growth
With the rapid oscillation, high frequency electrode can promote the face skin to absorb the nutrition and serums, which can improve the facial skin. The electrodes can increase the blood circulation, excite the local glandular activity, then transfer heat to the treated area to stimulate the hair follicle to grow much hair.

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-How can i clean the electrodes/glass tubes?
You can clean the electrodes with the Hospital grade germacide to kill the bateria, viral or fungus.
-Is it safe to use when i have metal dental fillings?
Yes, it is safe to use even you have metal dental fillings. Just do not contact the fillings directly.
-How often and for how long are the treatmet recommended ? Would it be safe to use it daily?
Daily use is ok, but every time not more than 1-2 min. We recommend to do the treatment every other day, then the skin can adjust the stimulation and give your skin a break every other week.