Ultrasonic Cavitation 40k Vacuum RF Weight Loss

As we all know, the current weight loss technology is very mature, and will also use different weight loss techniques according to different people's obesity problems. There are beauty salons to lose weight, RF weight loss, ultrasound weight loss and more. Of course, the current weight loss technology is very safe. Compared with the liposuction surgery in the 1980s, it is more economical and safer, and it will not affect normal life. This also shows that it is a technological advancement!

The development of new products on the market is due to the needs of the market, and it will be constantly updated, and the technology will be perfected. Every industry is the same, including the beauty industry. Of course, I mainly introduce the technology and products of beauty, so I take the beauty equipment as an example. The weight loss instrument currently on the market, from the very beginning , a machine just only including one technology. Such as the Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine, by the subsequent development,Market demand, technology has been integrated. Evolved into a multifunctional instruments, such as the instrument I will introduce next, it includes the technical integration of body weight loss and skin beauty and face-lifting. Such as ultrasonic cavitation 40k, Vacuum RF Radio Frequency, Suction RF Face Slimming, EMS & EL Electroporation Skin Rejuvenation. Because people who go to do beauty now like to do a whole set of spa.

So, the next thing I want to introduce is a device that combines body weight loss technology with Face Skin Rejuvenation.

Show as the below:


You can see that there are 4 beauty handles shown in the picture. They are 40khz Ultrasound Cavitation probe, Suction RF Body Slimming Probe, Suction RF Skin Lift Probe and EMS&EL Electroporation skin lifting Probe.

How does it work?

40KHZ Ultrasound Cavitation:
First, let's look at what is ultrasonic, which is a high-frequency vibration wave that needs to propagate through the medium. Because it is a vibration wave, its energy is proportional to the frequency. That is, the greater the vibration frequency, the greater the energy and the strong penetrating power. He has been widely used in a wider range of industries. I will not list them here. If you are interested, you can go online and you will know.
40khz ultrasound cavitation weight loss works mainly depends on its physical characteristics, because ultrasound is a kind of sound wave, outside the human hearing range, but it has a lot of energy. His effect on weight loss is mainly due to the fact that the body's fat cells will rupture when they receive strong pressure or impact, and then form free fatty acids. Free fatty acids or dead fat cells are recognized as harmful substances by the body's defense system and will eventually be swallowed up by phagocytic cells. Finally excreted. To achieve the effect of weight loss, and ultrasonic weight loss is used to break this energy of fat cells.


Suction RF Body Slimming:

What is RF? RF is a high-frequency alternating current. The higher the frequency, the more concentrated the energy and the greater the energy. The energy here is the heat that is generated and the penetration ability is stronger.
Based on the physical characteristics of radio frequency, the RF weight loss instrument is based on the concentrated energy of the radio frequency and the vacuum adsorption pressure. The fat cells are sucked up by vacuum, the local fat is squeezed, and then the fat is heated and expanded by radio frequency. The fat cells are heated and expanded, and when they are squeezed, they are easily broken to form free fatty acids, which are then decomposed by the body's metabolism.


Suction RF Skin lifting:

As the same as Suction RF body slimming works, RF is the function of heating skin and fat cells, so RF can also be used for facial beauty. RF beautician is a non-invasive treatment, so it is safe for skin beauty. Since the radio frequency heats the skin fat cells, and at the same time, the collagen cells are heated. Therefore, when the skin is heated, it will stimulate the collagen to continuously update, produce more collagen, and make the skin more firm and elastic. And radio frequency can eliminate cellulite and achieve the effect of face-lifting.


EMS&EL Electroporation skin lifting:

How is the electroporation technology beautiful? First of all, electroporation treatment of beauty is undoubtedly the use of micro-current physical properties. The skin is electrically irritated, so that the cells in the dermis of the skin receive stimulation, and the hair is turned back, and more collagen is produced. This technology can not only achieve clean skin, promote the absorption of nutrients, but also eliminate wrinkles and firm skin.


How to use this machine?

Here I will explain how to use this multifunction cavitation body slimming machine.

1. Before giving the guest a beauty treatment, first make a preliminary physical health survey on the guest to investigate whether the patient has any disease, whether the operation has been performed, and whether there is a skin problem. Because of surgery, or people with heart disease are not suitable for electroporation, ultrasound equipment.
2. After the investigation is completed, the customer will be replaced with a special clothing for the beauty salon to prevent soiling of the customer's clothes.
3. After preparing for the initial preparation, first clean the face, wash the face with water, and then apply facial massage for 15 minutes with serum or skin nutrient solution.
4. After cleaning the face, use the Suction RF handle to treat the face. It can be used for face-lifting and massage. It can also absorb impurities such as rubbish, acne, acne and blackheads from the face. The treatment takes 20 to 30 minutes.
5. Then use the EMS&EL Electroporation probe, which is a hydration of the cleaned skin to replenish the skin's nutrients. Allows the skin to fully absorb the nutrients of the skin. About 15 minutes.
6. After completing the techniques of the above two facial treatments, the treatment of the face is basically completed, but an important step is to apply a water mask.
7. Then the body's weight loss treatment, first use the 40KHZ Ultrasound Cavitation handle to lose weight in areas where body fat is thicker. It can remove fat from the waist, legs, arms, buttocks and other parts.
8. After completing the weight loss treatment, use the Suction RF Body Slimming to perform a body detoxification massage while removing moisture from the body. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to treat.


1 After the treatment, do not take a bath for 8 hours, let alone contact cold water, because after the treatment is over, the body pores are open, and it is easy to accumulate moisture when taking a cold shower, and it is easy to cause a cold.
2. The probes of all the above instruments need to be used with skin lotion or essence to prevent scratching the skin.
3. After the end of treatment, do not eat too greasy, fried food or alcohol in 3 days to prevent weight loss.
4. If you can, do the right amount of exercise to help your body's metabolism.




1.Is this weight loss device effective?
Yes,you can see the result after 3 months.
2.Can radio frequency instrument scald skin?
No, the temperature of the rf instrument is not too high and can be controlled within the acceptable range of skin.
3.Can anyone use this device?
No, it needs to be used by a trained beautician
4.Can anyone get treatment?
No, people who have had surgery with metal in their bodies cannot be treated, nor can pregnant women who have ulcerated skin.

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