No-Needle Mesotherapy

Nowadays, more and more female friends pay great attention to their skin health, because they want to have more healthy skin and then become more confident. This also brings great business opportunities to the market. Therefore, the beauty salons now open a lot, not only simple whitening skin, but also a lot of plastic surgery hospital, which proves how prosperous the beauty industry is now. However, today I will introduce to you a beauty technique for whitening your face and increasing your youthfulness.

This Technique Is Called No-Needle Mesotherapy.


Let's Take A Look At Its Principles:

The needle-free therapy technology uses electroporation and electro-osmosis technology to open the pores of skin cells by electrically stimulating the skin, and then uses pressure atomization to penetrate the skin nutrient solution into the skin base layer, allowing the skin to absorb the skin nutrient solution more quickly. Improve the beauty of the effect.


How Many Treatment Do I Need?

For the whitening of facial skin, it is necessary to determine the treatment cycle according to each person's own whitening effect, because this whitening does not require too high cost, so you can always do a beauty spa.
Maybe you will ask, how much time does it take me to do a spa every time I do a full treatment? Because of this technology, different beauty salons will be treated with different beauty equipment. If you are doing this technical treatment alone, it will take about 1 hour.

Treatment Steps

1. First clean the oil and impurities on your face with clean water.
2. Apply some skin nutrient solution or skin care products to your face and massage for 5 minutes.
3. Adjust the time and power of the beauty equipment.
4. First use the ultrasonic handle, or RF instrument to open the pores of the skin.
5. Apply the nutrient solution to the face and use the principle of electro-osmosis to penetrate the nutrient solution into the skin base.

Does this treatment of facial skin have side effects?

This beauty method is not a big side effect. Only a few people will be allergic , but will disappear quickly. So this skin beauty technique is very healthy.

This Technique Can Solve The Skin Problems

1.whitening and wrinkle removal
3.Sculpyure facial contour
4.Convergence chin
5.Removal neck tattoo
6.Contractive pore,calm,allergy
7.Improve eye problem(eye and line,pouch,black rim of the eye)

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