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ND Yag Laser Tattoo Treatment

With the exchange of global culture, tattoos have become more and more common, and most people put tattoos on their arms or in some obvious parts. When the tattoo faded, or you want to make new tattoos, you need to remove the old tattoo first. How do we remove the tattoo, eyebrow, eye line, lip line, spot, nevus and birthmark? We can use the nd yag laser hair remove machines to solve this.

What Is the ND Yag Tattoo Remove?

The ND YAG Laser emits high energy instantaneously. It can break the pigment of pathological tissues. The high energy produced by ND YAG laser make the particular wavelength to penetrate into the epidermis. It is only 6nms for the highe energy to pass into the pathological pigment tissues. Then pigments expand in top speed and explode. The pigments will be faded and disappeared with the daily metabolism.

How Many Treatments You Need?

This varies due to the different sizes of tattoos. The bigger area tattoos are, the long the treatments need. Treatments can take from between 15 minutes to 1 hour. For the same part, normally 4-6 treatments is okay. You can also add 1-2 treatments according to the size, age, pigment colour, pigment type, pigment depth, design intricacy, and location on your body.


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--How many treatments do i need for homemade tattoo on arm?
Normally it needs 4-6 treatments to remove the tattoo absolutely. It is better for you to consult one expert according to your tattoo and tattoo area.
--Is ND YAG Laser Treatment safe?
Yes, it is safe for the treatment. But it needs to be operated by one experienced technician, laser tattoo removal is both safe and effective.
--Is ND YAG Laser painful?
It is uncomfortable and a little pain. People who have done the laser tattoo-removal treatment compare it to the snap of an elastic band against the skin. However, we all experience pain differently and tolerance is a variable factor.
What is the possible side effect after the treatment?
Within one to three days after the treatment, your skin will likely scab or crust which will last for one to two weeks or more. Your skin can be red or pale after the scab separates. It is normal and temporary.
--Can the pregnant woman do the ND YAG Laser treatment?
No, we dont recommend the woman who are pregnant to do this treatment. It will probably harm your and your unborn baby health.