Black Doll Treatment

The basic principle of the black doll is to use carbon as a medium because the toner has excellent absorption characteristics for the laser and the toner has a deep penetration property. Then use the high thermal energy generated by the laser instrument to conduct to the dermis layer, stimulate the renewal of skin cells, and stimulate the repair of collagen fibers and elastic fibers. And the use of laser can effectively control sebaceous gland secretion, anti-inflammatory sterilization, inhibit the activity of P. acnes, stimulate pore contraction, and can also whiten.

Principle Of Whitening

By applying a specific wavelength of laser light to the deep melanin of the epidermis and dermis, the \"black doll\" directly blasts the excess melanin of the epidermis and crushes the deep melanin of the skin, and finally is swallowed by the phagocytic cells or directly excreted with the sweat glands, thereby achieving skin whitening purposes.

Principle Of Pore Reduction

After the nano carbon powder is applied to the face and allowed to penetrate into the pores, the carbon powder particles are blasted by the laser, thereby damaging the dirt and keratin of the epidermis.
The high heat energy generated is transmitted to the dermis layer, which fully stimulates the renewal and vitality of the skin cells, stimulates the repair of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, and uses the natural repair function of the body to initiate the orderly deposition and arrangement of new collagen, thereby achieving instant elimination. Fine lines and wrinkles, shrink pores, smooth skin, restore skin's original elasticity.

Black Doll Treatment Steps

1. Cleansing care, clean the face, make the pores expand, so that the toner can penetrate into the pores better.
2. Apply black doll toner, through the toner heat transfer medium, can evenly penetrate into the treatment part.
3 Wear protective glasses to protect the eyes before treatment, to avoid laser burns on the eyes (operators will also wear proprietary glasses).
4. Start treatment, use in the area where the toner is applied.
5. Clean the face again, use a soothing moisturizing calm mask.
6. Apply moisturizing lotion and take sunscreen measures.
Note: Black dolls need 3-6 times a course (one month apart)

Before &After



Does the black doll have any side effects?

After treatment, there may be a little redness, which will soon fade away, and there will be no obvious traces. After one or two days of surgery, the skin may be drier than before, then more water is needed.

How long is the treatment process usually? How many treatments are needed?

Under normal circumstances, the entire process from the beginning of cleansing to the end of the mask is about 40 minutes. The number of treatments depends on the skin condition of each person. Generally, a single treatment can see obvious effects. It is recommended to be treated more than 3 times, depending on the individual's situation and needs.

Does the black doll hurt?

It is not painful, and there will be a bit of tingling in individual places. Everyone has different skin sensitivities and feels different.

What skin problems can the black doll solve?

The main role of black-faced dolls is to shrink pores, remove yellow gas, improve fine lines, firm skin, etc.

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