Acne Remedies At Home


What Cause The Acne?

Acne is caused by obstruction of hair follicles. The reasons may be dead skin cells, excessive production of sebum, bacterial infections, and hormonal imbalances. When these blocked pores are inflamed, hemorrhoids begin to occur. The only effective solution for acne at the source, including reducing oil production, reducing redness and inflammation, promoting healthy skin cell regeneration, etc.

Below are different home remedies for acne that you might want to try.

1. Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is known for its ability to resist bacteria and reduce skin inflammation. It is especially suitable for acne scars. It is as effective as benzoyl peroxide, but it also reduces dryness and irritation of the skin. It takes 9:1 to use tea tree oil. The ratio is diluted and used.

2. Honey
Honey is used to treat skin acne. It contains many antioxidants that help remove pores and debris from pores. It also has antibacterial and wound healing properties. It can be used to directly lick the honey in the acne area, or you can add honey on the mask.

3. Green Tea
Green tea has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that are good for the skin. It is report that chemicals and waste can be broken down by antioxidants that can damage healthy cells. Green tea can help remove debris and waste from acne, reduce sebum secretion from the skin, and reduce inflammation
4.Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is a tropical plant whose leaves produce a transparent gel. Aloe vera contains salicylic acid and sulfur, which are used to treat acne. Fresh aloe vera gel is extracted from aloe vera and applied directly to acne and its surrounding area, which can be washed off or directly to sleep.

5. Lemon
Lemon can be used as an exfoliating agent, skin lightening agent, and preservative. It's acid properties make it a good disinfectant for reducing acne scars and preventing new acne. It is also one of the best home treatments for acne. After cleaning your face, pat the acne with a cotton ball or cotton swab dipped in lemon juice, then rinse with cold water.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar contains malic acid and lactic acid to help peel off the skin and dry acne. Mix an aliquot of apple cider vinegar with water and apply it to the skin with a cotton ball. Make sure to shake it before each use, leave it on the skin for 5-20 seconds, then rinse with water and pat dry.

7. Reduce Stress
During stress, the released hormone may increase sebum production and skin irritation, making acne worse. And these pressures may be a reduction in the skin's ability to heal itself, delaying the repair time of the skin.

8. Regularly Exercise
Exercise can promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism, and play a certain role in hormone regulation. An increase in blood flow helps nourish skin cells, which may help prevent and cure acne.

9. High Frequency Acne Treatment Machine
The high-frequency acne treatment is a skincare treatment at home used to help treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores.


10. Micro Needling Treatment
Another treatment for acne is microneedles. The Micro Needling Treatment is used to stimulate the skin to produce more collagen by inserting tiny needles into the skin around the acne scar. This collagen can make the skin smoother and reduce the signs of acne. This treatment may cause side effects, and the skin will become red, painful and inflamed after use, but the effect is obvious.


11. LED Light Therapy Acne Treatment
One way to kill bacteria and remove acne is by led light. Bacteria in the skin are sensitive to certain types of light. When lights shine on the skin, they kill the bacteria. LED light phototherapy can also shrink the oil glands on the skin, thus reducing the oil that clogs the pores and avoiding the regeneration of acne.


12. Microdermabrasion Machine
Acne Treatment Microdermabrasion is one best treatment for certain types of acne scars, removing dead skin cells that may clog pores. The procedure also reduces excess oil in these pores, renews the surface layer of the skin, and the skin appears smoother and more complex. More even. The surface marks will fade and the dead skin will be removed.


13. Cooled Radio Frequency Machine
Cooled radio frequency uses the skin cooling technology, the heat energy of the wave is diffused from the inside to the outside, and the hot spot is in the dermis layer so that the heat energy spreads to the whole layer of the dermis. Immediately shrink collagen tissue, while stimulating deep collagen to regenerate, reduce acne, lasting effective treatment effect.



People can choose from a variety of home remedies to treat acne, but the family therapy listed above does not apply to everyone's skin condition, but they are worth a try, repeated experiments to find the right therapy for them, but in the face of serious For acne problems, you also need to consult a professional doctor.