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3 Years experience as esthetician who uses strong business, sales and customer service skills to meet spa goals and exceed client expections. Employs extensive training and education skin care to accentuate the beauty of each client. Skilled in diverse facial treatments. Show more >>

Duties and Responsibilities
- Provides skin care consultation and other related procedures to clients
- Provides facial massages
- Administers chemical peeling procedures
- Performs professional skin care facials, such as microdermabrasion treatments, hydrafacial, anti-aging procedure ect.
- Provides orientation to correct skin care procedures
- Conducts body cellulite treatment procedures Slide Up

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Cavitation RF Machines: How To Use & How To Buy

For beauty salons, the price of beauty equipment is their concern. This means they pay more attention to price when it comes to the selection of beauty equipment. Therefore, it’s better for them to order beauty equipment from manufacturers.
Lots of beauty salons care very much about price, b
myChway News | Date:06-19-2021
myChway News

12 Tips To Help You Lose Weight.

From the perspective of physiology, to lose weight is to control calories gap, that is to consume more calories than absorb it. All we have to do is to develop a good dietary habit and do exercise. The principle and methods of weigh reduction are very well known. Basically, everyone know about them.
myChway News | Date:06-18-2021
myChway News

Why Do We Need Cavitation Machines For Fat Burning And Body Sculpting?

Body Sculping has always been one of the most concerned topics for girls. We have tried many ways to lose weight, such as dieting to lose weight, but once a dieter stops dieting and regains appetite, the weight will slowly rebound back. Therefore, dieting generally does not achieve good results.Read
myChway News | Date:06-11-2021
myChway News

The State of Cavitation Machine in 2020 and Beyond

How to get rid of obesity is a top priority solution for researchers. With fast development of surgical and non surgical treatment, obesity or cellulite now can be treated well yet. A completely non-invasive, safe, high effective, and outstanding obesity removal treatment is cavitation machine treat
myChway News | Date:12-07-2019
myChway News

How To Choose The Suitable Cavitation Machine for Your SPA?

Obesity is a problem that cannot be ignored. More and more fat people probably go to the SPA or Salon even pursuit to medical facility to lose weight. Obesity is now a big cake in the marketing.
It is time to change a new cavitation slimming machine! But there are so many options for the cavi
myChway News | Date:12-27-2019
myChway News

How To Wear A Mask Correctly To Protect Against The New Coronavirus?

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease, face mask/medical mask is a must-buy for everyone, and wow to choose the correct mask, how to wear mask, how to deal with the obsolete mask rightly, if you meet this problem, you will love this article.
myChway News | Date:03-23-2020
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How To Get Rid Of Bat Wings Arms?

How To Get Rid Of Bat Wings Arms?
How to get rid of bat wings arms?
Toned, well-defined upper arms, who do not wanna get?
Speaking of bat wings, especially for girls, it is difficult to work.
In this article, we will introduce the ways for getting rid of bat wings on y
Beauty Products | Date:05-07-2020
Beauty Products

Top 5 Best Micro Needling For Every Budget, Benefits, Side Effects, and Risk in 2019

Recently, “micro needling” this word appears more and more frequently on many major social websites like Instagram, twitter, facebook, etc. Perhaps, people will ask, “what’s the micro needling?”. It just works by rolling on your skin with many tiny and thin needles.
Beauty Products | Date:05-23-2019

What are the different between Photon and ultrasonic facial skin treatment?

Ultrasonic facial skin Treatment costs can vary depending upon the area or areas being treated, but the range can be from $1250-$3000. But The typical cost for a LED Skin Treatment ranges from $50 - $700 with an average cost of $315.
FAQs | Date:12-06-2018
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How To Buy Weight Loss Beauty Machine For Home Use From China?

Now more and more personal buyers and merchants are starting to buy goods from China since it is a huge manufacturing country with a wide variety of goods which is a relatively cheap price, there are more choices. You may be confused about the delivery time, the product quality and customer service
myChway News | Date:05-30-2019
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