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My name is Sophia. I am a positive and optimistic girl who is hardworking and with great patience. I often solve various difficult problems for my clients to give them the best experience of purchasing and after-sale service. So I have established a good trust between me and my clients. We are business partner and also friends. If you have any question on beauty machines, come and consult me.

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Aesthetic Technology

Microdermabrasion keeps your pimples out of sight

Diamond dermabrasion makes epidermal layer dissolves falling off and making epidermal cell to accelerates metabolization, to achieve the effect of skin renewal.
Aesthetic Technology | Date:12-29-2018
Aesthetic Technology

Lying down can be thin is not a dream with ultrasound 40K fat blast device

The ultrasound 40K fat lose machine adopted with the latest energy conversion to make the fat dells blast.The extra fat and toxin are brought out of the body to achieve the effect of exercise to lose weight.
Aesthetic Technology | Date:12-29-2018
Aesthetic Technology

Want To Get Charming Butt? Try vacuum Butt Lifting Machine

The MS-2175 vacuum butt lifting machine uses the negative pressure correct and adjust the butt muscles which is totally non-invasive and without any side effects and any terrible implant for people. It promotes skin respiration, increases the oxygen absorption, and speeds up the waste elimination.
Aesthetic Technology | Date:04-12-2019
Aesthetic Technology

Searching for the best muscle stimulator? DFC EMS stimulator is here!

The digital frequency conversion (DFC) electronic muscle stimulator is the best EMS devices for relaxation and muscle tension which is designed with a new control system allowing each pad to work differently on the body according to the needs of different people and different part of the body.
Aesthetic Technology | Date:04-18-2019
Beauty Products

How Does Laser Remove Moles from Face?

Nd yag laser mole removal or laser mole removal pen uses of laser energy at the moment to explode on the pigment tissue and excreted with the lymphatic circulation, to achieve the purpose of removing pigment.
Beauty Products | Date:04-17-2019
Aesthetic Technology

The Best Vacuum Cupping Therapy Breast Enlargement Machine

The upgraded MS-2175 vacuum breast enlargement machine provides a non-surgical breast enlargement treatment which is safe and effective. And it released the hands of the operator by using a vacuum sensor that monitors part of the power which maintain a stable power during the breast lifting treatmen
Aesthetic Technology | Date:04-11-2019
Aesthetic Technology

Q-Switched ND: YAG Laser Pigmentation Treatment

Aesthetic Technology | Date:04-16-2019
Aesthetic Technology

Say Goodbye To Unwanted Hair with IPL Hair Removal Treatment

The technology of IPL laser hair removal uses an abbreviation of strong pulsed light to produce chemical changes in the molecular structure of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis layer to remove the unwanted hair and get us a painless satisfactory result.
Aesthetic Technology | Date:04-15-2019
myChway News

Best Body Contouring Face Lift System by Mini S Shape Cavitation Machine

Mini S Shape machine is widely welcomed by many beauty spas. The mini S Shape cavitation 40k machine may also work with hydra facial machine to be best helper for face skin care and works with lipolaser machine to be a better solution for body fat cavitation treatment.
myChway News | Date:04-08-2019
Aesthetic Technology

Mini S Shape the best ultrasonic cavitation Body Sculpting Machine

Mini S Shape ultrasonic cavitation machine is equipped with double function of each handle, which has more advantages than the normal cavitation machine. The Mini S Shape ultrasonic fat cavitaiton treatment is non-invasive, effective cavitaion slimming machine which is the best solution for obesity.
Aesthetic Technology | Date:03-29-2019
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