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we company produce and sell beauty machines in china for 9 years. I am in beauty industry for 2 years, we will provide professional advice if you have any problems about facial body care or want some beauty machines.

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Aesthetic Technology

Cavitation RF Beauty Machine vs Lipo Laser Beauty Machine

What is cavitation rf machine, what is lipo laser machine. Popular cavitation rf and lipo laser machines; the different between cavitation rf and lipo laser machine.
Aesthetic Technology | Date:06-21-2019
Aesthetic Technology

How To Different Uniosetion Cavitation 2.0 Machine vs Lipo Laser Machine

Introduce what is uniosetion cavitation 2.0 and lipo laser, the difference between them. Some popular uniosetion cavitation 2.0 and lipo laser machine.
Aesthetic Technology | Date:06-15-2019
Aesthetic Technology

Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 Machine VS Radio Frequency Machine

How cavitation 2.0 and radio frequency work. The difference between cavitation 2.0 and radio frequency. Introduce unoisetion cavitation 2.0 machines and radio frequency machines.
Aesthetic Technology | Date:06-06-2019
Beauty Products

A Portable Woods Lamp Skin Analyzer Magnifying Lamp

Introduce a portable woods lamp skin analyzer magnifying lamp, how does it work.
Beauty Products | Date:01-26-2019
Beauty Products

Something You Will Interested About The Normal Cavitation And Unoisetion 40K Cavitation

Some clients told me: “your cavitation did not work.” Because they find some videos on the website to show how to test the 40k cavitation. when dropping some water on the probe, water vibrate, But our cavitation probe will not. Because our cavitation is the new Unoisetion cavitation( cavitation 2.0)
Beauty Products | Date:01-17-2019
Beauty Products

Home Use Ultrasonic Electric Light Therapy Beauty Device

A practical home beauty device, we can use the device to contour the body, removal acne, tighten the skin.
Beauty Products | Date:03-04-2019
Beauty Products

High frequency Facial Treatment

what is high frequency, how does it work, the function of high frequency, and the Difference Between Orange and Violet Electrodes
Beauty Products | Date:05-17-2019

Which do better on anti-aging, Microcurrent or radio frequency?

it shows the principle of microcurrent and radio frequeny, what is the difference between them, and how they work on anti aging.
FAQs | Date:05-17-2019

Why you hear noise in the ear when use the 40K ultrasound cavitation?

Explain the reason you will hear the noise when doing ultrasound cavitation treatment.The method to reduce the noise.
FAQs | Date:05-17-2019
Client Testimonials

How to say goodbye to blackhead

It is an experience to show how to remove blackhead.
Client Testimonials | Date:06-14-2019
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