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Top 5 Best Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine in 2019

  • Author: Erin LiuDate:03-20-2019

For the machines to weight loss, skin rejuvenation functions, there are millions of different models on marketing, but before we buying, we already have a lot of questions want to know, which is the best? what are the differences with those machine? What system i can get the good result? And so on.

As we know, the cavitation ultrasonic system is non-invasive, non-surgical technology to burning fat, do not need the recovery time, without pain during treatment, which can help you to get the fast result but not need do a lot of exercises. After we collect the data from buyers, we got some information about the top 5 best cavitation machine in 2019, maybe which can meet your request.

1. MS-11Y1 40K Ultrasound Ultrasonic Weight Loss Body Slimming Machine

This model comes with the single 40K cavitation slimming function, the upgraded unoisetion cavitation 2.0 system without terrible buzzing sound, and new system would not waste energy to warm up or vibrate on the surface of head, but perfect to use at home, easy to bring to the client house, travelling and any where, the client love this.

Recommend for personal use at home: 4 Stars


2. MS-54D1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Radio Frequency Vacuum Liposuction

This popular ultrasonic fat cavitation break the deep fat cells, multifunctional heads can active the fat cells, warm up and help to break them down effectively. It comes with five different heads to do treatment on different body area, such as the cavitation head for body slimming, vacuum RF for belly, back, thigh, butt and upper arm massage, the suction release negative pressure can help to speed up the fatty acids metabolism from body, sextupolar RF uses for body, thigh and arm skin tightening, the RF warm up for body to active cells, and promote the collagen. Do complete treatment with cavitation vacuum and RF has been proved to be effective and safe to cellulite removal. The face RF and three polar RF also can use on the face and eyes around to prevent you from wrinkles, fine lines.

Recommend for homeuse, clinic, spa: 4 Stars


3. MS-76D1SB Cavitation and Radio Frequency Treatment Vacuum Body Slim

This is one of the most invovative models on the market at the moment, this is the 9in1 Radio frequency Cavitation. This is able to burn deep fat cells, which can get the amazing result after some sessions of treatment. Also this model comes with the 5mW lipo laser pads, which is super good to keep body shapping after you did the vacuum cavitation radio frequency treatment. 7 colors LED Light therapy and microcurrent lamp, radio frequency handles can help to tightening the facial skin, and removal wrinkles, the blue led light even can help to treat acnes.

Recommended for Clinic, Spa: 5 Stars


4. YH-5504S Unoisetion Cavitation Vacuum Therapy 160mW LLLT Slimming

People like this model for its beautiful design and the effective result after the first treatment! The Unoisetion cavitation waves can break down the fat cells to the target body area without hurt the surrounding skin, can help you to get rid of the cellulite and wrinkles in few treatments. This model comes with the special lipo laser pads, it is 160mW, the first one on the marketing, 160mW diode lipo laser can lipolysis the deep fat and weight loss,when combine together with the cavitation photon vacuum RF photon, these lipo laser pads can help you to burning fat fast.

Recommended for Spa: 5 Stars


5. MS-45T2 S Shape Ultra Cavitation RF Radio Frequency Suction EMS Spa

As we know, the cavitation power different can get the different result to removal cellulite, but the 30 is the super powerful cavitation waves, this kind of Ultra Sonic can burning the deepest fat cells, even the 30K ultra sonic handle comes with the photon, which can help you to tightening skin during breaking down the cellulite. Powerful suction and RF can work together or individual as fer your request, comfortable suction for body detox and massage. The most design of this model is the EMS Electroporation probe for facial, it can help to import the nutrients to skin, facial lifting, also you can get the V Shape face by its vacuum RF handle.

Recommended for salon, professional aesthetics: 5 Stars

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