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TOP 10 Cavitation Mix Treatment

  • Author: vincyDate:03-12-2019

TOP 10 Cavitation Mix Treatment

As we know cellulite removal technology is more and more popular, many people will feel confusion, there are so many technology, which is better for me? Today we will according to machine WL-919M, and cryolipolysis, electroporation machine to share some experience with you.
1.Abdomen----40 minutes
20 minutes cavitation plus 20 minutes RF
1)First, user must removal all the metal accessories, such as necklace, rings, etc.
2)Second, user drink a cup of water, about 200ml
3)Cavitation handle use on abdomen about 20 minutes
4)Then RF handle 20 minutes

This is the result of 40 minutes treatment:


2.Beside cavitation vacuum rf, we also have cryolipolysis, electroporation technology. We use lots of treatments mixed, like cryolipolysis with cavitation and electro estimulation. cryolipolysis - cavitation - electro, each function 20 minutes. You can result as below:


In a word, treatment must according to user themselves conditions, can try different treatments project, and will find a better solution for yourself!

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