On Version 2.5 60K Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine(MS-12C2)

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As an effective way for weight loss, an ultrasonic cavitation machine mainly uses ultrasonic wave to destroy subcutaneous fat cells which are dissolved into free fatty acid and glycerinum. The free fatty acid, pass through the liver, is discharged through the natural metabolism of the body, thus achieving fat removal without causing wounds. While the glycerinum is used for providing energy to the body’s circulatory system and maintaining the body function. And the whole process is completely non-invasive and injury-free and will not affect daily work and life.


2.The differences between version 2.0 and 2.5 ultrasonic cavitation machine

1)With a stronger energy level and a more evident effect

Version 2.5 is upgraded based on version 2.0. Its power output is increased from 15W to 30W, and it has a stronger intensity and a more obvious effect on the body.

2)With a more sophisticated and fashionable appearance

Its color has changed from light blue and white to the white and purple pattern. And it has a more smooth line. In terms of function and button, an energy level setting button is added, which can make you set the working time freely and adjust the energy level to your desired requirement.

3)With a function of skin rejuvenation with red light

It, based on the old version, adds a function of skin rejuvenation with red light. Red light can stimulate the production of collagen in the dermis, remove cellulite, tighten skin, and relieve the troubles caused by stretch marks and slack skin.

4)With a faster vibration frequency and a higher hotness

The new version has a faster vibration frequency and a clearer effect on fat removal. It unites ultrasound, vibration, and fat removal with heating, which can solve skin problems like cellulite, speed up metabolism and detox, and enhance skin elasticity.

1)Reduce fat painlessly and slim body easily

As one of the most advanced technologies for fat removal, this machine is very convenient compared with liposuction. Since it offers a completely non-invasive way for fat reduction, and you can do it at home. It lessens the pain caused by the treatment and recovery time. Thus, it's the first choice for people who want to reduce weight. It’s not only easy to use, but also will not affect work and life.

2)Remove deep-seated fat

As is known to all, doing exercise can reduce fat and slim body. But it only has an effect on some slack subcutaneous fat. However, the other fat cannot be removed through exercise . That is the deep-seated fat and cellulite. As a verified technology, an ultrasonic cavitation machine can effectively treat these deep-seated fats and cellulite. It’s a healthy and effective means for fat reduction, just like exercise. Hence, it has gained popularity among obese people.

3)The perfect figure can be maintained after treatment

Some people, in a hurry, usually try to lose weight through keeping a diet. It has an effect to a certain degree, but it’s not healthy and it causes harm to the body. More importantly, the body may get rebound and even becomes more chubby than before if you stop keeping the diet. However, this machine fixes this problem. It not only has an instant effect but also causes no rebound. It makes weight loss easier for obese people.


The price for an ultrasonic machine is usually affordable, which varies from dozens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. It’s all depends on you. It’s perhaps cheaper than the money you spend for one-time service in a beauty salon. Normally, this machine can be used for 1 to 3 years. It has the same effect as that of the beauty salon. The difference only lies in that the machine charges no service fee. Thus, you can use it at home which save you lots of costs.

5)It can be used for various body parts

We are always bothered by the excess fat of local body parts, for example, waist, arms, abdomen, and legs, which makes the body out of shape. But this machine can be used for parts that easily have fat accumulation and give you a perfect body shape.

4.What changes can this version 2.5 ultrasonic cavitation machine give you?

What changes will it offer you if you keep using the machine? You may notice that the excess fat of your belly and the flab of the arms and legs are decreasing slowly after several courses of treatment. And the cellulite also improves, skin turns firm, and the skin will not become slack due to fat decreasing. Since the upgraded MS-12C2 has the function of skin tightening with red light, it helps you tighten the skin. And some ultrasonic cavitation machines are matched with RF, which also has an effect on skin tightening. You can make choices according to your needs.

This article mainly discusses the differences between version 2.0 and 2.5 ultrasonic cavitation machines and their functions. It can help you have knowledge about the important part of the new machine and with the selection of it.

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